Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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tomthetrader: MOVE stop to 1.60 on QQQQ Puts
(11:56 AM) JR Roden: TZA trying to break above that downtrend line that has held it down for the past few days.
(11:57 AM) hibuck2: $TRIN 1.20 $TRIQE .99
(11:58 AM) JR Roden: David Nichols - Fractal Market Report was big on buying a breakout over 916, but looks like we'll have trouble holding that breakout.
tomthetrader: (11:06 AM) Pete45: k thx
tomthetrader: Possible trades are buying this pause in banks or shorting them using FAZ ...or shorting Tech at the highs QID
tomthetrader: Does anyone know anyone who has been riight on the short term ?
tomthetrader: we have gone 15 days back and forth more or less every day
(12:00 PM) eman11: NYSE AD +1427
tomthetrader: MOVE up stops on QQQSI to 1.70
(12:03 PM) eman11: let's see if NQ can stay under 1410.
tomthetrader: Very important technical area
(12:07 PM) TTTMichael: Yes, low into Friday morning.
tomthetrader: 1410 POLL NQ Y or N
tomthetrader: QQQSI
(12:08 PM) pointfisher: buncha chickens
(12:08 PM) jbljudy: y
(12:09 PM) TTTMichael: I am long QQQ SK. I plan to hold.
(12:09 PM) bogdan07: refused to go long ,still holding bgz, scalping sds,see you at SPX 880 ?
(12:09 PM) hibuck2: trins mvg up $TRIN 1.23 $TRIQE 1.02
(12:09 PM) eman11: Y 1410 will hold
(12:10 PM) eman11: I still have QQQSI I put my stop limit in at 1.69
(12:10 PM) eman11: Yes short term
tomthetrader: I had just 4 filled
tomthetrader: still have 96
(12:10 PM) JR Roden: 1410 - No. Selling volume has been pretty high, I think those call buyers get spooked here.
(12:11 PM) TTTMichael: Short NAZ with July 37 puts.
(12:13 PM) TTTMichael: If we get any kind of sell off I would like to re buy XLF.
(12:13 PM) redliontrader: ticks are really struggling
(12:14 PM) TTTMichael: Thanks for the XLF call idea.
tomthetrader: cash spx 915
tomthetrader: nq 1410
tomthetrader: rut 505
(12:16 PM) pointfisher: ok, bounce this afternoon then lower into fri
(12:16 PM) hibuck2: I think we need to hold yesterday low of 905.22 SPX if we do we go higher
tomthetrader: If we go that low ...we are CRASHING
tomthetrader: 14 indicators Flat neutral
(12:25 PM) csu30: Has anyone noticed the Dollar is making multi-week lows?
(12:26 PM) netherbow1: hearing reason for sudden mkt weakness is that some boutique shop came out with sell on Banks . Unable to confirm.Hearing firm has Whitney in name and people mistook call as eing from Meredith Whitney
(12:27 PM) eman11: AD NYSE +1315 NAZ +872
tomthetrader: Thanks Guys
tomthetrader: Good info...keep it coming ..DOW trying to go red DIA
(12:39 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 1.38 $TRIQE 1.18
(12:39 PM) eman11: AD NYSE +697 NAZ +614
(12:39 PM) hibuck2: $tnx 32.39
(12:43 PM) hibuck2: $TRIN 1.40 $TRIQE 1.24
(12:48 PM) steve_45_4: was away grankids preschool concert.
(12:48 PM) steve_45_4: it lloks like you bought Qs puts ?
(12:48 PM) steve_45_4: looks
tomthetrader: bought and sold unfortunately
(12:49 PM) redliontrader: MCD out of control!
(12:50 PM) eman11: Traders is 100% cash now?
(12:51 PM) redliontrader: DBA Stopped for a 12% Gain @ 27.05
(12:53 PM) steve_45_4: so traders is out of QQQSI?
(12:53 PM) redliontrader: MCD up 4.3% today! $4.1K gain in IRA
(12:53 PM) redliontrader: Mine are gone... anyone still holding QQQ SI?
(12:54 PM) redliontrader: mine went at 1.70 stop
(12:54 PM) redliontrader:
(12:54 PM) eman11: Yes I am still holding QQQSI
(12:55 PM) redliontrader: Good job Eman.. wow.. you are up big...
(12:55 PM) steve_45_4: ok I am looking at portfolio stiill in puts
tomthetrader: I was stopped out in puts
(12:56 PM) steve_45_4: ty
(12:58 PM) redliontrader: I have only 3 positions left from all 3 portfolios. TLT, PEP & MCD
(12:58 PM) eman11: Naz is looking is little week here - QQQQ is only .08 off the lows of the day - I waiting to see if NQ beaks 1400 and SPX breaks 910 if they break we could see a huge move down
(12:59 PM) hibuck2: Tom any thoughts on DUG
(12:59 PM) eman11: I just look at the screen - I guess they did break QQQQ at LOD
tomthetrader: I like DUG here
tomthetrader: TLT
tomthetrader: 910 SPX is acting as support now as market stabilizes
(1:05 PM) bogdan07: SPX 910 broken
tomthetrader: need 15 min
tomthetrader: to see if it holds or a set up
tomthetrader: we will go long if it breaks back above 15 min
tomthetrader: NAZ RED
tomthetrader: for 30 seconds
tomthetrader: here we go up again
tomthetrader: 15min rule and if it holds BGU
tomthetrader: 10%
tomthetrader: BGU 1:23PM
(1:09 PM) les13436: Long TNA @ $26.28
(1:10 PM) DE_TTT: Bot some NTGR
(1:11 PM) eman11: Sold QQQSI puts at 1.88
tomthetrader: nICE TRADE\
tomthetrader: Nice Trades
tomthetrader: Net gear ...good stock DE
tomthetrader: 910 holding we will add BGU if holds into 1:25pm I will give the trade long
(1:14 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D +410 Vol +1.1:1 ** NYSE A/D +925 Vol +1.5:1
tomthetrader: Thanks AJ
tomthetrader: Any thoughts guys ?
(1:16 PM) berniectx: took a small long in ES here
tomthetrader: if we hold 910 we could end near or at HOD
tomthetrader: 1:25 we will put on a 10% long BGU if still above 910.00 SPX
(1:23 PM) pointfisher: TF gap closed
(1:24 PM) steve_45_4: where is the hammer lol
(1:24 PM) thomas_Poland: f...k you idiot
tomthetrader: Yes need TP Thomas watch ...can't buy long as we broke 910
(1:24 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(1:24 PM) berniectx: Thomas the hammer we need you now
(1:25 PM) steve_45_4: you the man thomas
(1:25 PM) thomas_Poland: Did you take your pills today idiot?
(1:25 PM) thomas_Poland: he he
tomthetrader: aq/d line any tells ?
(1:25 PM) steve_45_4: I am from Brooklyn and you use the words better
(1:25 PM) thomas_Poland: heeh eheheh
tomthetrader: You two must know each other
(1:26 PM) ajayvee: BGU time?
(1:27 PM) thomas_Poland: your english is perfect
(1:27 PM) thomas_Poland:
(1:27 PM) Pete45: bounce him
(1:27 PM) hibuck2: call homeland security
(1:27 PM) Pete45: lol
(1:27 PM) thomas_Poland: sambady
(1:27 PM) infos2: qid
tomthetrader: we dropped under 910 during the 15 min spell so we have to stay in cash
(1:27 PM) thomas_Poland:
(1:27 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(1:27 PM) infos2: sorry
(1:28 PM) nousvenons: too load
(1:28 PM) nousvenons: lousd
(1:28 PM) nousvenons: loud
(1:28 PM) thomas_Poland: wanking hand
(1:28 PM) thomas_Poland:
(1:28 PM) thomas_Poland: sambady
(1:28 PM) tomthetrader: nousvenons was bounced from the room by tomthetrader. If you want to learn more about the rules for this room, read the room rules on the groups page or contact the owner: tomthetrader
(1:28 PM) thomas_Poland: sambady
(1:28 PM) thomas_Poland: idea busines
(1:29 PM) thomas_Poland: sambady help me
(1:29 PM) steve_45_4: lol
(1:30 PM) thomas_Poland: sometimes I wish we could meet personally with those idiots
tomthetrader: 'BGU would have been great but DISCIPLINE
(1:38 PM) JR Roden: Good recovery over 910.
(1:38 PM) Fulkdaddy: knocked off of Paltalk again...still in cash?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: tried to get in BGU but we droppe dunder 910 for a moment
(1:42 PM) ajayvee: we got a +1200 TICK
(1:42 PM) JR Roden: Will be interesting to see if 915 turns into resistance.
(1:43 PM) les13436: Amen
(1:43 PM) thomas_Poland: this is a problem with TIck reading .. all data vendors suck
(1:44 PM) thomas_Poland: and they give different values
(1:44 PM) thomas_Poland: I had 1005 at high
(1:44 PM) thomas_Poland: not 1200
(1:44 PM) eman11: Tom - Do you we will close at the highs of the day?
tomthetrader: yes
(1:45 PM) redliontrader: eman you still holding those QQQSI?
tomthetrader: too many shorts no longswill sell w/o news
(1:46 PM) eman11: No I sold it at 1.88 I posted when I sold it. When it looked like 910 would become support
(1:46 PM) thomas_Poland: Atilla praying ?
(1:50 PM) eman11: I actually bought BGU I thought SPX would hold 910 until 1:25 so I bought some because I had a meeting and couldn't watch the tape at 1:25 - Got Lucky
(1:51 PM) eman11: Now i am waiting to see if we break through 915.
tomthetrader: I should have jumped on it but discipline kills !
(1:52 PM) eman11: Discipline is what keeps you out of trouble
tomthetrader: it hurts when we can't get our Traders some profits
(1:53 PM) Fulkdaddy: Are the Fed minutes going to be released at 2:00 pm today?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: should be bUllish
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(1:55 PM) les13436: TNA has a nice bullish flag on the 1 min chart, should run up again.
tomthetrader: rally due close at highs short of 925.56 ?
(1:57 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D +650 Vol +1.6:1 ** NYSE A/D +1200 Vol +2:1
tomthetrader: just another day in the BULL ?
tomthetrader: shakes off and rides on
tomthetrader: shakes off and rides on
(2:01 PM) redliontrader: some serious selling here with the hedgehogs
(2:01 PM) ajayvee: buy dip?
(2:02 PM) Fulkdaddy: Die bulls!
(2:02 PM) les13436: S/O TZA @$26.52, +.25
(2:03 PM) eman11: testing 910 again. Was the Fed minutes negative?
(2:05 PM) Fulkdaddy: Cresenzi on CNBC
(2:05 PM) bogdan07: inverse HS 15 min SPX
(2:05 PM) JR Roden: Wow - one 5 minute bar wiped out an hour of buying. That's why I love short positions.
(2:05 PM) thomas_Poland: yes me too
(2:05 PM) les13436: Rebought TNA @$26.32
(2:06 PM) les13436: yes
(2:06 PM) DE_TTT: yes
(2:06 PM) berniectx: went long again ES 908.50
(2:06 PM) eman11: Yes
(2:07 PM) DE_TTT: Thanks, TTT !
(2:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: Cresenzi on
tomthetrader: everyone wrong
tomthetrader: except DE !
tomthetrader: 99.99% wrong DE right !
(2:09 PM) Fulkdaddy: TLT catching a bid
(2:11 PM) DE_TTT: Thanks, Tom...just too many cheap techs...I like 'em cheap. And 4G is just gravy!
tomthetrader: SPX up 3% this week with best seasonal day to go ..last weeks Correction is gone
(2:12 PM) berniectx: where do we close today Tom and DE??
(2:13 PM) eman11: AD NYSE +1103 NAZ +603
tomthetrader: I say we are now looking to close - after a bearish report and cyclicals should sell offf...banks and bonds should rebound
tomthetrader: defensives
tomthetrader: MO PMI PEP MCD
(2:14 PM) redliontrader: I am distracted today... it hurts to half trade.. I should have stayed away.. I am closing a sale on my condo tomorrow.. over 1 year on the market.. 25% loss.. could be worse.. found a cash buyer .. Yeah! .. 2 weeks from offer to closing, pretty amazing
(2:14 PM) redliontrader: running around gathering paper..
(2:14 PM) Fulkdaddy: 901 close
tomthetrader: 901 would be a eye opener
tomthetrader: 1:45 min Dave ...we are pulling for you
(2:17 PM) berniectx: got out of long Dave scared me!!
tomthetrader: nice trade though
(2:18 PM) berniectx: yes made a couple pts
tomthetrader: Bearish Fed data ...but bad news is GREAT NEWS
tomthetrader: 925.56 SPX close ?
tomthetrader: HOD again coming
tomthetrader: there is NO END to the cash
(2:24 PM) redliontrader: Look at GS.. down 3% today.. Tom.. Thanks for putting in those stops....
(2:24 PM) redliontrader: I am correct there is nothing in traders right now? Maybe a short on close?
tomthetrader: correct just cash
(2:26 PM) hibuck2: JEF doing well HOD after Najarian pointint out June 22.50 call volume 8,000
(2:28 PM) les13436: USO HOD
(2:28 PM) ajayvee: with all this pounding that resistance is gonna give
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: usually 3-4 x and it goes
(2:30 PM) Harrod_t: What a day for MCD! Great Call
tomthetrader: tips to
(2:32 PM) ajayvee: do we load up at 910?
(2:32 PM) Harrod_t: Thanks for the service. Really appreciated. Is that tip enough??
(2:33 PM) Harrod_t: I am so thankful I happened across this room!!
(2:34 PM) hibuck2: me too
(2:34 PM) redliontrader: long TNA @ 26.40 tight stops . scalps. 100000 shares
tomthetrader: yesssssss
(2:34 PM) redliontrader: opps not thats zaqs. 1000 shares
tomthetrader: go red ...spend that condo Dough ?
(2:35 PM) redliontrader: The housing market has officialy bottomed!
(2:35 PM) hibuck2: all I have learned was self taught now I have found a mentor Thxs Tom
tomthetrader: Thank you for the kind words
tomthetrader: 100% cash
(2:39 PM) hibuck2: Cramer pumping MCD
tomthetrader: MCD on the ride of it's life ....look at the green ...dolloar helps all these
(2:43 PM) redliontrader: out tna + .40
tomthetrader: 925.56 ? or 901 I will take either or ?
tomthetrader: nice RED
(2:44 PM) redliontrader: $400!.. wish I had the guts to trade like zags
tomthetrader: you will ....Zags will be back soon
(2:44 PM) redliontrader: $40K instead
tomthetrader: Zags has protection
tomthetrader: 1410 is going to explode
(2:46 PM) les13436: S TNA@$26.72 +$.41
(2:46 PM) thomas_Poland: protection ?? On his ba...s?
(2:46 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: hey
tomthetrader: tp ...
tomthetrader: auxl
(2:47 PM) thomas_Poland: market kicks me in my ba..s so often that I thought he has some protector
(2:49 PM) redliontrader: yes, zags is good a laying off rish with out of money options
(2:49 PM) redliontrader: rish?
(2:49 PM) redliontrader: risk
(2:49 PM) thomas_Poland: yes true
tomthetrader: yes..plays it agressively safe
(2:50 PM) redliontrader: what do you think here.. I see a possible trend reversal to the downside
(2:50 PM) redliontrader: building in the ticks
tomthetrader: 1410 915
tomthetrader: can they hold the BULLS ?
(2:52 PM) Fulkdaddy: That 915 area has a ton of resistance...the poke through today is either a break or a false break and we go to 901
(2:52 PM) Fulkdaddy: Yen is rallying...along with Treasuries...both safe havens
tomthetrader: usually if we bang on it 3-4 times it gives in ...I hope it fails
(2:53 PM) Fulkdaddy: Yes, if you pound on the door enough it eventually gives way
tomthetrader: there it goes
tomthetrader: like a dam
(2:56 PM) ajayvee: ok, who's thumb is in the dam holding it back?
tomthetrader: It's broken
(2:56 PM) Fulkdaddy: mine!
(2:56 PM) Fulkdaddy: and its getting sore
tomthetrader: My foot was on so Dave saved us
(2:58 PM) Fulkdaddy: Mr. Thumb is getting tired but I "ain't giving up"
(2:59 PM) Fulkdaddy: I was just bumped again from Paltalk, Thomas did you answer yet?
(2:59 PM) redliontrader: i have been buying these pullbacs all day.. not this one though .. looks to me to be setting up to go lower
tomthetrader: you think it is going lower RED ?
(2:59 PM) Fulkdaddy: I like it when Redlion is on the good side
(3:00 PM) Fulkdaddy: Now, we need Tom, Thomas, DE...
(3:00 PM) redliontrader: heavy volume today
(3:01 PM) redliontrader: based on the ticks tom.... at least for the next few minutes ..
(3:02 PM) Fulkdaddy: it would be nice to have the higher volume day end down . Distribution day
(3:03 PM) Fulkdaddy: Thomas?
tomthetrader: Thanks Guys ..great stuff I think the market will do oppo of yesterday but it is a guess no analysis
(3:04 PM) ajayvee: time to push on the 910 dam
tomthetrader: wall of 1410 NQ
(3:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: I don not like it one bit when Tom's gut is opposite of my positions
(3:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: Best in town
tomthetrader: 910 needs a push AJ ?
(3:04 PM) Fulkdaddy: 1410 did hold nicely...thumbs are getting tired
tomthetrader: I am pulling for a drop but gut is saying a rally last 15 PPT
(3:05 PM) ajayvee: I'm tired of 910 - 915, like a caged animal. one way or the other please
(3:05 PM) redliontrader: 3-4 i shut off my indicators and listen to tom
(3:05 PM) berniectx: just went long have to go with TTT Tom and the invisible hand of the PPT
tomthetrader: a/dine still 2-1 Positive ?
(3:06 PM) Fulkdaddy: Since Tom is ONLY about 97% accurate...maybe this could be one of the 3% days???
tomthetrader: I hope so !!!!
(3:06 PM) ajayvee: NYSE AD vol 1.5:1
tomthetrader: I have nothing to gain long now all profits LOCKED IN
(3:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: 1070
(3:07 PM) hibuck2: 1158
(3:07 PM) Fulkdaddy: 2 to 1
(3:07 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D +565 Vol +1.4:1 ** NYSE A/D +963 Vol +1.4:1
(3:07 PM) eman11: AD NYSE +1067 NAZ +521
(3:08 PM) Fulkdaddy: 981
(3:08 PM) Fulkdaddy: 975
(3:08 PM) ajayvee: AD trending down here
(3:09 PM) PremR: and trin at high of day
(3:09 PM) ajayvee: 910 dam still holding
tomthetrader: Prem ...giveus the answer !!! close - +
tomthetrader: Please we need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3:10 PM) ajayvee: 910 dam leaking bad
(3:10 PM) PremR: it closes negative.
(3:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: Way to go Perm!
(3:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: Thomas???
(3:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: Earth to Thomas...Come in Thomas
(3:11 PM) redliontrader: i am going long TNA @ 26.06 if it gets there
(3:11 PM) PremR: xlf is at low of day, transportation is breaking coil to downside, ticks are hitting lows
tomthetrader: He is the man Prem...thanks lets turn 910 resistance ?
(3:11 PM) PremR: only thing positive is A/d but that is trending down also.
(3:11 PM) Fulkdaddy: "Ground Control to Major Thom"
tomthetrader: YES ..I have the best group of TRADERS IN THE WORLD
(3:12 PM) Fulkdaddy: A/D 859
tomthetrader: need 500)
(3:12 PM) Fulkdaddy: TLT Up, up, up...Aruj??
tomthetrader: or rally is coming
(3:12 PM) PremR: 907 was low of day session. so below that could see more selling.
(3:13 PM) bogdan07: spx 15 min HS broken
tomthetrader: Thanks PERFECT TIMING PREM thanks for comingin to our rescue
(3:14 PM) PremR: i would like to contribute more but this paltalk if i may say... sucks.
(3:14 PM) redliontrader: filled at 26.06
(3:15 PM) redliontrader: stop at 25.95
(3:15 PM) ajayvee: TZA and BGZ go green
(3:16 PM) redliontrader: counting on the buyers rushing in here.. where r they?
(3:16 PM) ajayvee: ticks hitting new lows
(3:16 PM) Fulkdaddy: a/d 679
tomthetrader: 925.56 is a long painful ride away if we get here today ?
(3:17 PM) Fulkdaddy: that would make for a very bad day for me
(3:18 PM) Fulkdaddy: I would love to see us break 901
(3:18 PM) bogdan07: bgu 33.03
(3:18 PM) nimesh_: failure of 1410 again!!
(3:20 PM) azags: I am back. I was away from my computer hiding in my cave from the attacks of the bulls. As I noted on the chat this am I added to my shorts today. I bought 8500 tza at 26.16 and 26.12and 26.10 and sold it at 26.6. I bought bgz 2000 at 37.47 and just sold it at 38.1. I also have 5000 more of bgz that I am about to sell. I had to hide in a cave from this morning's attack of the bulls
tomthetrader: so far we still have 40 minutes 250 pints ?
tomthetrader: FED is possible ?
(3:21 PM) Harrod_t: my 1% trailing stop on MCD was hit
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: good trade
(3:21 PM) redliontrader: should have taken my $100.. stopped out
(3:22 PM) redliontrader: I got MCD stopped at 56.43?
tomthetrader: close enough
tomthetrader: PREM IS THE HERO
tomthetrader: Thanks Prem ...great call DAVE RED
tomthetrader: good work here
(3:25 PM) hibuck2: Yesterdays low SPX 905.22
(3:25 PM) redliontrader: MCD trailing stop @56.43 +5.85% ..
tomthetrader: Thanks Red
(3:26 PM) Fulkdaddy: a break of 901 ES would be big
(3:26 PM) Fulkdaddy: a/d 496
tomthetrader: NAS green and ready to rally ...who holds their pants down ?
(3:27 PM) ajayvee: A/D volume 1:1 in both Naz and NYSE
tomthetrader: flat AJ ?
tomthetrader: even steven ?
(3:28 PM) ajayvee: very flat
(3:28 PM) bogdan07: BGU 32.92
(3:29 PM) ajayvee: time for ppt to sneak in?
(3:31 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D +0 Vol -1.3:1
(3:31 PM) ajayvee: NYSE A/D +300 Vol 1:1
tomthetrader: Thank you and Naz will end green ?
tomthetrader: weighted big stocks
(3:32 PM) JR Roden: I sure wasn't expecting to see all 3 indices in the red based on where they were at 3:00. Good from my perspective as I'm more short than long.
(3:32 PM) azags: Just sold my last 5000 bgz at 38.6 which I bought two days ago at 38.15
tomthetrader: Nice...patience and discipline Zags
tomthetrader: Very good ..we knew a top was close ...execution is the key
(3:33 PM) TTTMichael: Tom, I've been away, do you still have your QQQQ puts. I still hold July 37 puts.
(3:34 PM) ajayvee: good job zags, I could handle the pain and took my losses early in the session
(3:34 PM) ajayvee: couldn't
(3:34 PM) PremR: overnight lows of 2.25 short term support...below that we probably go to 895 area
tomthetrader: I sold my puts too soon locked in a good profit on 100 others still hold I do Not
(3:34 PM) PremR: 2.25=902.25
tomthetrader: Prem : you like the downside into tomorrow?
tomthetrader: getting to PPT time ?
(3:37 PM) azags: I have been short the close Monday and added to it yesterday morning and this morning. I did jump back and forth yesterday in tza taking profits. I was down a lot this morning only to come back with about $3500 in profits
(3:37 PM) redliontrader: i think we might pop here
tomthetrader: BE CAREFUL ...100% cash for TTT Traders too much risk for now
(3:37 PM) Fulkdaddy: a/d 365
(3:38 PM) Fulkdaddy: how about an 899 ES close?
tomthetrader: need - quickly
(3:38 PM) Fulkdaddy: Doesn't look like it will happen
tomthetrader: Prem another update ?
(3:38 PM) redliontrader: y cash
(3:38 PM) Fulkdaddy: Looks like Red is correct
(3:38 PM) ajayvee: yeah all cash. just playing with my mind...not much to lose
(3:38 PM) PremR: this market is very hard to trade so i take it one day at a time. i think this is a victory for the bears as we may have put in a lower high on the move up today.
tomthetrader: Prem our ES king
(3:39 PM) PremR: i am flat...the globex lows would have to go for me to play again.
tomthetrader: 903 ?
(3:39 PM) DE_TTT: Tech Earnings today...NTES, NTAP, SMTC, INTU
(3:39 PM) PremR: 902.25
(3:40 PM) PremR: we just touched that on the last move down and bounced off of it.
(3:40 PM) DE_TTT: Tech Earnings tomorrow...BRCD, TECD, STP, LDK, ADSK, VRGY, ARUN, CRM
(3:40 PM) ajayvee: we may get a key reversal day maybe?
(3:41 PM) azags: Aj I told you I have been short for the past two days
(3:41 PM) redliontrader: u gotta love this last hour
(3:41 PM) PremR: traded to 902.25 again and bounced.. next time down i am going to put a sell stop couple of ticks below to see if we get a contiuantion down from it.
(3:42 PM) PremR: short 901.5
(3:44 PM) ajayvee: Naz AD volume hits -2:1
tomthetrader: Thanks
(3:44 PM) redliontrader: pep .03 away from stopping out
(3:45 PM) ajayvee: Naz A/D -300 Vol -2:1 ** NYSE A/D +0 Vol -1.2:1
(3:46 PM) berniectx: Dave very nice call 901 SPX
tomthetrader: 14 minutes with PPT still could hit 925 !!!! Ben is in need of IBM ?
(3:47 PM) berniectx: sold my long ES will play again tomorrow be careful all
tomthetrader: BYE Bern thank you
(3:48 PM) DE_TTT: Ben has a Timex Sinclair
(3:48 PM) bogdan07: Tom ,any set up for tomorrow ?
tomthetrader: None Holiday up should be up to technicals
tomthetrader: should be flat to down tomorrow UP Friday ..short is good on any rally
(3:49 PM) DE_TTT: Ben buying BAC into the close...he cant get enough.
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: Rally back in Banks
tomthetrader: Funny how the GOV'T does that ?
(3:52 PM) redliontrader: it won't go lower then this.. I have a big red line on my TNA chart that I drew here on 4/16 25.25 .. amazing how this resistance points work
(3:55 PM) azags: Where is Thomas? I thought he was short with me
(3:56 PM) redliontrader: Tom, you want to close out pep at the close even it it doesn't stop out? .05 above stop now...
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: please
(3:58 PM) redliontrader: Hold TLT or 100% cash... TLT up big today 1%
(3:59 PM) azags: I am trying to close out some of my qid and hold out for at least 37
(4:00 PM) redliontrader: PEP close @52.01
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: good stock pickign this year !
(4:01 PM) redliontrader: Pep up 2.7%
tomthetrader: NQ goes green
tomthetrader: heavy buying in tech on the close
tomthetrader: 903 holds
(4:03 PM) azags: This turned out to be a very positive green day for me from my morning paper loss equal to the national debt
(4:04 PM) DE_TTT: My pf was down 0.17% today...all long mostly tech...weird
(4:05 PM) DE_TTT: DDUP Data Domain: NetApp to Acquire Data Domain for $25 per share (17.34 -0.73)
(4:05 PM) DE_TTT: NTAP Network Appliance beats by $0.08, beats on revs; will not provide rev guidance for 1Q10 (17.34 -0.73)
(4:05 PM) DE_TTT: INTU Intuit beats by $0.07, beats on revs; guides FY09 EPS in-line, revs in-line
tomthetrader: wow Tech is rolling DE
tomthetrader: DAVE NAILED 903 Trader Of the Day with Prem and RED on the call lower
(4:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: Blind Squirel and net theory
(4:13 PM) DE_TTT: Great doubt.
tomthetrader: Trememndous work...still think the market should have gone to 875...PPT
(4:21 PM) azags: Take care Tom
tomthetrader: Thanks Zags , teach me some patience would you !
tomthetrader: Thanks again
(4:22 PM) redliontrader: Today's trading results & log posted on realized $24,211 in gains today!
tomthetrader: Thanks Red
(4:24 PM) redliontrader: Thank you.. great calls to reverse out of the shorts and go long this AM.. saved me lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$
(4:26 PM) eman11: Tom - How are the indicators?
tomthetrader: Good ...I wish I could have gotten another trade in but way too risky pre memorial PPT !
tomthetrader: The last thing they want is a Crash
tomthetrader: we will be tight fisted until we get to 875 and a oversold market
tomthetrader: you realize we have gone up and down everyday for 2 weeks literally every other day !
tomthetrader: 5-18-09 975 ES to 925 and now 899
tomthetrader: 5-21-09 ...really tough

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