Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello TTTHedge members!

In the beginning of May, Tom and I (RedlionTrader) began talking about combining our talents and resources to make the TTT Hedge Fund service even better. I have been a full-time trader for 7 years now after leaving my engineering career in medical imaging and selling my business. My journey to "learn the markets" has taken me through several services and courses. I have seen some good services and quite a few bad services. Last November I stumbled into TTT Hedge Fund trading room and was instantly sold. I have been around the circuit and I can say that Tom is "the best" live tape reader I have seen or heard. His ability to digest the current market conditions and give great calls was second to none and the cost of his invaluable service was unbelievably low. Tom's 3 portfolio and multi-timframe trading and hedging have really improved my trading and results. I knew that I had found the best bargain ever.

I am an indicator-kind-of-guy, I think it is the "engineer" in me. Tom has introduced me to Dr. Martin Zweig under whom he did research and I have been study and charting and tracking and been sharing the research at my website. During this time I have developed, along with my trading skills, new blogging skills and learned howto leverage the low-cost resources provided on the web to represent live data or near-live data on my site.

Starting officially on June 1st we will re-introduce the current service as The "fund" part of the name will be dropped since we are unable to procure the domain name (a side story). The new name is great since it is smaller and takes less twitter characters! Over the course of the next couple of weeks we are previewing the site and testing out some of the new features. If you want to see what we have done so far checkout: Don't bookmark this address, it will be changing over the new couple of weeks. Go to the Members area and you will see the live portfolio tracking we started on Friday.

When Tom and I started talking it became clear to me that more and more of Tom's time was being taken up with mundane administrative tasks. We need Tom to do research and find trades and less time chasing down pal-talk payments. Part of the re-engineering of the website is to lighten up these task by leveraging the tools provided us, mostly using the Google tool-set. Our goal is to continue the service as the best and maintain the unbelievable low-cost gem that it is, not losing the eyes-on-the-prize of trading and making cash and a good living and a great retirement.

As June rolls around there will be more updates of the launch. This current email is to solicit you to fill out a membership form so we can begin compiling our membership database. Matching real names to email names to paltalk names is one of those mundane and time consuming tasks that can easily be streamlined. Next week the members only area of the new website will be secured for members only, so we need to get the database up and running.

If you get locked out somehow, please let me now right away. In the next two weeks there is a lot of work to do and a lot of mistakes to make. I really appreciate all the feedback I have so far. Keep it coming. Your patience and support as we turn a corner here is greatly appreciated. We have a great trading community, I learn something new from the membership everyday and when we are re-launched we will be able to extend that sharing from the live trading room to the website.

thanks again for you help:
Marlin Cobb (aka: redliontrader)

Redliontrader - paltalk nick -> email address
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PH# 617-997-0885

PS. If you are on a trial membership.. please fill out a form and check the trial box.. membership form

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