Friday, July 3, 2009


No one really has a handle on this market in my view and from a comment I made the other day in our TRADERS Chat ..." There isn't one stock I would own today on the NYSE" really puts this investing thing in view. 1st I was upset that the market continued to frothily go up on no volume and speculative issues ( NAZ 2x NYSE Volume) continued to rise for no good reason.

I get notes daily from folks whom say what in the world happened ? You were always so bullish and had at leasy 50% of you portfolio in long stocks until the crashes...welll that is what do things for reasons and having the largest loss of investable money in the shortst duration in the history of the world is the market telling me there is something wrong !

Now everyone thinks or thought ...that the government will backstop any losses and everything is fine and dandy again...lets buy some penny stocks and stocks under 5.00 bucks as they are going to the moon ! Well it worked short term as the world was awash with cash and hope of economies recovering and stocks way UNDERVALUED. I put more cash into stocks in November 2008 and March 2009 than in the last 5 years combined! I was Long Futures options 2-3x ETF's and stocks were too low return for me !

But as May approached and the GREEN SHOOTS were just coming from the ground a few things started registering #1 we were doubling our money pretty quick every two weeks there was only 1-3 % pull backs and technically all historical precedents showed we should stop and drop for a 8-10% correction off the 70% gains in we pulled our longs back and just started to HEDGE HOG in and out and then June was here and the writing was on the was time to short rallies again..even as prices went up the BEAR was setting up again for at minimal a retest of where we dumped our longs ...875-888 SPX cash.

So here we are ...once criticized for being to Bullish then too bearish and now we have to make the next call. This next week the government and corporate America and the world will use terms like projected guidance and new revenue streams but we here at TTT look at earnings and earnings will run the markets the rest of July. I have a special report naming the dates of release and winners and loser in the upcoming earnings season...please take the time to join at such a low cost and see how easy it is to become a TTT member and make the profits you deserve.

I have a tremendous track record of performance and feel you can beat this market handily...why not join me today and get a free trial and the free earnings reports !




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