Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Wayne Whaley– Live! - Next generation market predictive research.
Wayne Whaley, 2010 Charles Dow Award winner for excellence in technical analysis, will be presenting LIVE for the first time his new research additions to last year’s breakthrough work on future market prediction. Wayne is the "King of Market Internals and Market Timing" and this is an excellent opportunity to see his data before the institutions get this presentation. You can take part in the live event in our virtual trading room at TTTHedge.com so please REPLY !!!
Room is Limited – reserve you space by replying back to this email.
Many of you are on Wayne’s mailing list so this is an opportunity to learn the thinking behind the data and to ask questions directly to Wayne on how to interpret the daily data and how to leverage it to improve your trading.
We hope to see you in the room:
Who: Wayne Whaley, 2010 Charles H. Dow award winner
When: Wednesday, January 26th at 11am EST
Where: http://ttthedge.adobeconnect.com/traders
Hope to see you in the room.
Team TTT
TTT HEDGE.com is the most advanced Day Trade and swing trade room in the country with money managers as well as futures pro's visiting and trading live under the same roof ...stop by !!!

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