Monday, December 12, 2011

TTT BUY SIGNAL AT 1210 SPX CASH Targets 1300

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Just a few points from TTT as we go into the last 14 trading sessions
of the year. Right now we are UNCH on the year , even the Dow being up
versus inflation is NOT a good year...but we have 14 trading sessions
left and even with the implosion of VIX on Friday...there is still
lots of 200-300 point gains and losses left in 2011 ! I wanted to just
give a brief description of what I saw for this year and what I see
for next.

Last year I forecasted a 25% decline in the market BUT I thought it
would be in the 1st half not into Fall. I said the market would reach
1355 SPX cash at years end ...we touched it on the last day of April
and now we are looking for it again ! We did ... in my opinion reach a
Sentiment Top in February and a Price Top in April of the Bull market
that started on March 9th 2009. That "Mini Bull" took us up well over
100 % and then came back and we suffered a "Mini BEAR" market from
that February-April to our Cycle low of 1075 on Oct 4th where I called
the bottom and predict still we will get a 50-60% run up within 18
months i.e. March 2013. So 1500 + by march 2013 is my best read.


Over the year we have seen HFT control 70-80% of the volume so we have
literally had to become computers to be successful , many think this
is "not right' or not real investing....well , as my Mentor Dr.martin
Zweig always said "The cash spens the same all across the country !"
So whether you are able to outwit Wall Street or if you would rather
sit back and make 1% is up to you.

I personally feel strongly that we need to manage our own accounts and
be responsible with the resources we have and with all the
entitlements going down the drain for us Baby boomers I would look 2x
at your investment strategies and see if there is some room for one of
our services in your 2012 investing year. We look to these next 3
weeks as key to not only the US stock markets but the World as we are
now a 24/7 globalized economy with literally 100's of data points a
day to keep track of or someone else will beat you to the trade. We
here at TTT are looking for another great end of the year and want to
open up membership trials again January 1st 2012 to take advantage of
our market forecasting for the day trade the swing trade and the long
term trade. We are currently on a TTT mean reversion BUY signal that
should get us above 1300 SPX by Christmas.

I want to thank our loyal members and also my partner Marlin Cobb who
has worked diligently on all aspects of the market and our business
but has become a great trader and friend to all who see his efforts.

Also our Day Trade professional Cathy and our Forensic Accountant Jay
whom have worked so hard and kept integrity and professionalism to our

And finally our dozens of Webinar speakers and educators , we plan on
at least 12 more in 2012 and we will not stop trying to get anyone who
gives us a shot , the very best this profession has to offer. Take
some time and look over our plans and thoughts and we will be ready
for you soon....will you be ready for the NEW BULL that began October
4th and will last well into 2013 ? All members will get our annual
report and predictions with long stock picks and some short plays with
all the big trades and the calls for 2012...the big edition will
arrive January 1st so if you can join by then , that will be a special
bonus to new members !

Sincerely ,


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