Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Congratulations on a great day Tom!
I was just about to find another line of work but days like today keep us coming back.
I had a great day too, made about $1,500 from trades I put on Friday and yesterday. Could have done a lot better if I would have taken some of the futures trades
but I had sworn off futures a couple of weeks ago. I will have to rethink that.

Anyway thanks for your help, hope this is the botom, sure felt like one.

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 3:42 PM, Tom Malone wrote:

Portfolio Create new portfolioTradersIRA ACCOUNT LONG TERMMAIN FUND view | edit | delete | create new | open in screener

No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. ZF Zweig Fund Inc. 2.37 4.41% 244,833 Buy 12-02-08 103,400 2.3 245057.99 7237.99 3.04% 10339.99
2. ESRX Express Scripts Inc. 57.20 3.44% 2,734,657 Buy 01-09-09 10,000 52.46 572000.01 47400.01 9.04% 19000.02
3. JNJ Johnson & Johnson 54.56 1.70% 14,794,780 Buy 01-09-09 10,000 59 545600.01 -44399.99 -7.53% 9100.00
4. DNA Genentech Inc. 85.50 1.12% 2,997,282 Buy 01-09-09 10,000 84 855000.00 15000.00 1.79% 9499.97
5. MO Altria Group Inc. 15.38 2.19% 15,620,664 Buy 02-10-09 10,000 16.51 153800.00 -11300.00 -6.84% 3300.00
6. GENZ Genzyme Corp. 70.53 1.61% 2,181,762 Buy 02-11-09 10,000 70.9 705299.99 -3700.01 -0.52% 11199.95
7. FCX Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. 28.10 6.68% 18,318,544 Buy 02-18-09 10,000 27.94 281000.00 1600.00 0.57% 17600.00
8. BGU Direxion Large Cap Bull 3X Shares 22.14 11.42% 19,495,156 Buy 02-18-09 10,000 23.55 221399.99 -14100.01 -5.99% 22699.99
9. TNA Direxion Small Cap Bull 3X Shares 18.32 12.33% 11,561,384 Buy 02-20-09 10,000 18.61 183202.99 -2897.01 -1.56% 20103.00
10. FAS Direxion Financial Bull 3X Shares 5.61 27.21% 149,201,328 Buy 02-20-09 50,000 4.5 280500.01 55500.01 24.67% 60000.01
Total 10 Stocks 4.74% 4042860.99 50340.99 1.26% 182842.92

above average
tomthetrader: Yes ...and the Banks are on Fire
tomthetrader: I said that the EPICENTER are the financials
tomthetrader: more money will be made in UYG and FAS than any other vehicles in here
tomthetrader: already hitting 12-14 on UYG and FAS for over 120K realized since we started
JR Roden: I loaded up on those June $3 calls (I can't hold back when you start to beg like you did on this one)
DE_TTT: Beginning to smell burning fur and melting claws...
tomthetrader: Yes .....that could be a very good money maker as the leverage is so high from .20 cents to 2,00
tomthetrader: we got some of those Calls very low
tomthetrader: and some as high as .75
Nick_H_SanDiego: nice jr & tom
TraderTim: Market internals strong A/D: +1745 Trin: .5
tomthetrader: working it hard
DE_TTT: II Bulls 31%...AAII Bulls 22%...may take awhile to convert them back, no?
TraderTim: last week
Nick_H_SanDiego: BANK rallied back to Mon's hi
tomthetrader: Target 800 SPX futures
tomthetrader: DDM took OFF !
tomthetrader: 20 contracts of NQ at 1188 still held
tomthetrader: YM Futures 10 contracts
les13436: With a rally like, this isn't a low TRIN (.47 ) abnormal??
tomthetrader: Yes
TraderTim: A/D: +1958 Trin: .4
tomthetrader: but it is due to mainly a handful of stocks
tomthetrader: HOD
TraderTim: small number of big stocks leading the way!
les13436: UUFFC up 25%
tomthetrader: Love this market
tomthetrader: 2.35 2.36
tomthetrader: Money being made
tomthetrader: I guess I like Home runs !
tomthetrader: and the 24 TF is a major long ball as were the 12 UYG trades that were profitable ...now I am locked and begging for 2.52 there
tomthetrader: Love this market
tomthetrader: Like I said in the e-mail
tomthetrader: when they beat you up all you can do is wake up and do your best
JR Roden: UYG consolidating for another run
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ctmhou: Tom, how does one read the Zweig Breadth Thrust indicator?
tomthetrader: Red may know more on the thrust indicator but the basic jest is 9-1 positive a/d line or up down volumes provide THrust for further gains ...it is like a rocket ship the more thrust the longer it lasts
tomthetrader: the Nov rally had great thrust and got 40% gains from bottom
ctmhou: Thanks sir.
tomthetrader: FAS up 20% gain
tomthetrader: I think we take profits ?
tomthetrader: 10% gains "normal" today
ctmhou: GOD! I wish I was around this morning on UYG and FAS. Oh well, there is always another day.
TraderTim: A/D: +1951 Trin: .48 BKX: +10.8% Baby!!!!
Nick_H_SanDiego: we need the antonym of Widow Maker for today's TF
tomthetrader: very successful auction too
redliontrader: Thrust indicator is a 10 day average of the %of advancing issues.. a move from 40% (where we were yesterday) to 61.5% in 10 days is a marker for a bear to bull reversal.. fires very very rarely
Nick_H_SanDiego: thx red
tomthetrader: yes ...thanks ...Prof. Zweig did not make this indicator up it was developed by someone else
TraderTim: NIC: How's this? TF is a widow maker (when it kills ya) or mistress maker (when it lines your pockets)
tomthetrader: 7279 YM via cash 5 long
Nick_H_SanDiego: BANK rolled over
ctmhou: Why YM?
Nick_H_SanDiego: Tim...perfect
redliontrader: if I remember right, no bull market has starteg without one, but it does generate false positives
ctmhou: OK
tomthetrader: stop now 7250
tomthetrader: 5 contracts
tomthetrader: stops now 7260.00
DE_TTT: Looking forward when XLF goes up 33% in a day...and FAZ consequently goes to zero, naught, nil.
tomthetrader: Yes SKF I HATE SKF !
ctmhou: So do the banks.
tomthetrader: 7270 stops
DE_TTT: BYD up 30% as the BUYER of Station Casinos.
tomthetrader: wow !
ctmhou: Tom, how much do you think that naked shorting, no uptick, had to do with the demise of the banks?
tomthetrader: 7275 stops
Nick_H_SanDiego: stay away from SKF...I took $138K loss on SKF options last yr
tomthetrader: I have never played it
TraderTim: SKF (Corpse Creater)
ctmhou: And Nick, our mission as a group, is to re-coup those losses. We will win.
Nick_H_SanDiego: yes definately
tomthetrader: yes !
Nick_H_SanDiego: as Tim says, a teaspoon at a time
tomthetrader: 407.50 RUT
tomthetrader: a BUY
Nick_H_SanDiego: thanks guys
ctmhou: We need to get you back to your 10k a month option strategy again.
DE_TTT: Good piece on Roubini being a bit fast and loose in declaring WFC a zombie. http://www.bankstocks.com/ArticleViewer.aspx?ArticleID=5686&ArticleTypeID=2
tomthetrader: stop YM at 7279 Break even
ctmhou: This chat room is better than an RSS feed.
ctmhou: Have to run some honey-do's right now. I'll be back. Sound like Arnold.
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Thanks Craig
Nick_H_SanDiego: Hell-ya, Craig
tomthetrader: 7300stops
tomthetrader: 7310 stop
tomthetrader: stopped out
tomthetrader: 7310 YM
tomthetrader: off cash
tomthetrader: 15 total contracts
tomthetrader: from 7250 and 7279
tomthetrader: sold at 7310
redliontrader: nice to see this grind working in the other direction
tomthetrader: 805 total YM points x $5
tomthetrader: is a nice trade
TraderTim: good trade coach!
tomthetrader: still underwater on 10YM from 7400
Nick_H_SanDiego: Tom, what ever happened to the futures from Sept that you rolled over...?
tomthetrader: still held in the IRA
Nick_H_SanDiego: oh kewl...so LM lets you hold futures in an IRA ?
tomthetrader: Personal account for all losers
tomthetrader: they will manage them 944 avg
tomthetrader: XLKAT ?
tomthetrader: My favorite loss
tomthetrader: BUY signal has resulted in 25 ES points
Nick_H_SanDiego: yes xlkat sure thing
Nick_H_SanDiego: that was in my IRA too
Nick_H_SanDiego: operative word WAS
Nick_H_SanDiego: oh well
Nick_H_SanDiego: easy come easy go
tomthetrader: THE BUY SIGNAL and what we will make to
redliontrader: my DIG CR options are green!
tomthetrader: YES
tomthetrader: uco ANYONE TRADE IT
pupster: do u expect any follow thry at all in the AM...?
TraderTim: A/D: _2174 Trin: .42 BKX: +11.8% (almost back to level of lore 25.00!!!!)
redliontrader: down to 100% long in traders
TraderTim: TF 412
tomthetrader: My Plans is for my portfolio to be 50% long at the close ....25% on Thursday and 0% longf on Friday
TraderTim: VIX: 44 -15% 2nd biggest drop in 2009 (first was 1/21 which sparked at 70 point ES RUN!!!)
redliontrader: I'd like to go 100% overnight, maybe 75%, you don't think follow-thru the opening?
redliontrader: overnight news too risky?
tomthetrader: I think we will probably get a gap up that will be able to sell RED
TraderTim: Obama PRIME TIME tonight?
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: and the markets should have a partial follow thru TARGET 800
redliontrader: I am hoping he has his"HOPE" hat on tonight
tomthetrader: 830 possible by Friday
wclegg: Do you still have the 20 NQ. Tom?
TraderTim: GLD: =3% GDX: -8%
tomthetrader: Yes ...he will be OK
tomthetrader: NQ 20 from 1188 Les
redliontrader: I noticed it is not a State of the Union - thank god
tomthetrader: Les : do you have NQ ?
tomthetrader: anyone holding NQ ?
rjflamm: y
wclegg: Holding QLD.
tomthetrader: OK good
rjflamm: looking good from here
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: QLD QQQQ and NQ OK
tomthetrader: stops tight and reenter
rjflamm: once people realize that techs have alot of cash......
tomthetrader: I am going to get to 100K long which is 20 NQ
tomthetrader: techs are cash cows
rjflamm: actually...i'm going to hang in till Friday....unless I get stopped
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: let your profits run
JR Roden: Did you just get into the NQ again?
rjflamm: that elastic band is unwinding....lol
billb1947: in
rjflamm: yesterday...on the way down
rjflamm: averaged down.....
les13436: I do not have any NQ, no futures here at all.
tomthetrader: I will be 100% cash on Friday in all accounts
TraderTim: Tom: A bit OVERBOUGHT is building. Jason's STEM.MR is just under a Mean Reversion sell (not quite there yet )
rjflamm: $ndq
rjflamm: sorry...disregard
TraderTim: Yep, Cum Tick/Price Oscillators/UpIssuesRatio/PutCall getting extened quickly on intraday
billb1947: did you buy 20 nq? tom
JR Roden: Just shut down my QQQQ calls that I got yesterday afternoon for a nice profit. Thanks.
JR Roden: UYG hanging at the highs of the Day
tomthetrader: Thank you JR
tomthetrader: so we are making money ?
tomthetrader: any other successes out there
tomthetrader: BillB I am only holding 20NQ from 1188 into tomorrow
tomthetrader: 20 contracts long NQ will be my only long
JR Roden: Still holding the UYG's which are right at Breakeven now.
tomthetrader: Yes I still have UYG and UYG JUNE 3.00 's
tomthetrader: in Main fund
rjflamm: 10 contracts of nq from 1150...and still long
steve_45_4: you have sold all your YM?
tomthetrader: Yes I sold mine from 1150
rjflamm: maybe I bought yours....lol
tomthetrader: yes I took a loss on 10YM
steve_45_4: ty
tomthetrader: 7350
rjflamm: whats internals like?
tomthetrader: OK
tomthetrader: Very good
TraderTim: A/D: +2207
csu30: Bought TNA, BGU, QLD yesterday; just sold
TraderTim: Trin: .47
tomthetrader: should end on HOD
TraderTim: BKX: +12.5% amazing!!!
tomthetrader: CSU : you happy ?
TraderTim: P/C: .79
frankie_01: vix: 44.64
TraderTim: getting overbought on strong internals
csu30: Absolutely - thanks to those TTT buy signals!
csu30: Thank you, Tom!
TraderTim: TOm you did a good job of "coaching" us in on the BUY Thx
TraderTim: Peace Coach!!
tomthetrader: Thanks guys gals
les13436: Thanks Tom, this was a great day!!! Best day I have had in months.
redliontrader: 9:1 day on the SP500, N100 and Dow
TraderTim: way to go LES!!!
redliontrader: Is this like Oct 13th, we only got a 2 day rally, or like Nov 21st we got a good run of 5days of higher closes?
les13436: Thanks Tim
JR Roden: Looking at the UYG daily chart, we are just bouncing up from a double bottom with a positive divergence in the MACD and somewhat in the stochastic.
les13436: UUUFC +38% today
JR Roden: The 13 EMA is 2.70, so we should at least get that high.
tomthetrader: any requests for sol singing here ?
tomthetrader: SOLO
aszags: I have been working all day and away from the computer but I made a couple of dollars since I have been bullish since last week and offset my paper losses of yesterday
JR Roden: Today's volume was very good and a bounce up to 3.50 or 4.00 is not out of the question.
tomthetrader: SOLO you can't hera me ?
tomthetrader: ZAGS you and I were in the same boat ...did you end up OK ?
tomthetrader: 7350 Dow
aszags: I am up about $30000 today over and beyond the loss yesterday
JR Roden: TTT - just a quick note on your competition. I'm paper trading a system a friend recommended called G-Force Traders. They've made 2 trades this week and are down 30 points . I think I'll still w/TTT.
aszags: Has Thomas returned to the fold?
JR Roden: The g-force is not worth the monthly fee.
aszags: There is a bidding war for Thomas from Vector Vest
tomthetrader: Yes : there is a bidding war all over the world
tomthetrader: Thomas is in DEMAND
tomthetrader: and he is DE MAMN
tomthetrader: DA MAN
tomthetrader: Thanks Guys and go get em ...futures tonight
JR Roden: UYG ended pretty much at the HOD. Let's see it rock up higher into the weekend.
tomthetrader: Well I bought at the highs at 2,52 and lows near 1.91 so
tomthetrader: we should be OK
tomthetrader: I still think 5-6.00 easy
DE_TTT: FSLR Reports Q4 (Dec) earnings of $1.61 per share, $0.31 better than the First Call consensus of $1.30; revenues rose 116.0% year/year to $433.7 mln vs the $410.4 mln consensus.
DE_TTT: Meant to only send the FSLR stuff...sorry!
bulldog12: fslr goes higher even from hee
bulldog12: here
DE_TTT: BBT BB&T Corp increases quarterly dividend to $0.47 per share from $0.46 (16.88 +2.08)
JR Roden: If UYG got to 5-6, I'd be one very happy guy.
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: great news on fslr
tomthetrader: bbt going to eat some shorts
tomthetrader: ok
humbletrader_: http://www.dacharts.com/trader-transaction-tax.htm
Alert: The end of the recession is in sight ... so says Bernanke. And a preview of the president's congressional address tonight. On News Talk Online in the Radio/TV Section NOW [Free Video]
tomthetrader: FSLR falling offa cliff
tomthetrader: NQ H9 [10] E-MINI NASDAQ 100 Mar ’09 16:56:14 EST 1,165.50 2.00 1,163.00 1,165.75 1,162.75
tomthetrader: Hope 1188 comes into play tomorrow
tomthetrader: 2.45 UYG Up from 100000 sh at 1.99 sold for massive gains !

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