Thursday, May 1, 2008


The US markets have been on a rol this past 6 weeks and all the way from the Cash spx 1252 lows. Wall of worry was more like the Great Wall Of China !!! Bulls have fought back from evertyhing the blogs had to offer from all those who had their survival gear out to buying bags of physical silver ..we saw it all from http://www.slopeofhope to ...both were eith in 100 positions short for the 1500 point move up or lining their basement walls with Gold and silver wallpaper.

TTT HEDGE FUND stayed LONG the entire way and we never waivered as to the buying every dip since the correction began ....

Now we are much wealthier but are we wiser ???

The employment report will show a weak ecomony but if we rally will not last long as the SMART MONEY will short the hell out of it !!!!

So take some time and get the TTT HEDGE FIND 2008 !!!!

The Anniversary prices run out Sunday at midnight and revert back to $249 per year so please enter the Fund today !!!!

Our stock of the week AMR 30% gain !!!!

Option of the week XOM JUNE PUTS 100-300% up



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