Thursday, May 22, 2008



Nothing can describe the feeling of hitting a move in the market just right !!!!

Our indicators have been incredible spotting short term bottoms and tops and now we are on a short term BUY signal into Memorial Day.

Odds favor we will have a up day tomorrow so we have positioned ourselves that way....

I want to thank all my members for their support as we have been through a very tough trading environment in which both Bulls and bears have capitulated at one time or another and TTT just keeps taking the right side of the trade...since inception we are up over 4000% and up 110% since march 3rd !!!!

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"Tom ..been with you 2 weeks and I am up over $ is a Godsend as I had been getting stopped out of decent trades and your balance and patience has kept me in my trades much longer and shorter ...I am confident I will double my money next quarter"

Tim T Santa Maria CA

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