Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hey ,

The last time I gave a buy signal in the nas we were up 7% in a heartbeat ...if you join today I will get you into some trades the next few weeks that will make you wish you would have started years ago.

During our anniversary special get the premier service with timestamped buy and sells and our model portfolio for stocks options futures 2x ETF's and our IRA account

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" Tom...I cannot believe you service is so give me a dozen other services for free and are the to answer all my I never traded NDX options or NQ futures and you helped set up my account and called a bottom where I learned how to scale in and out of your great market timing plays ..I am up 37% since march 3rd ...and I am feeling like the next few weeks will be even better ..thanks TTT and if anyone thinks it is not worth the money ..I ahd mine back in the first hour of trading and now am thinking I could really double my account !!! Tom is the best teacher you could have and all trades are verifiedin the group by another member shenanigans ..just honest hard trading...if I were you ..I would join soon !!!"

Marv Madison Wisconsin

Pay Pal $75 during the anniversary special and beat the price increase on June 7th !!!!



We are looking LONG Nas !!!

Total profit from all official positions is $68,265.27 minus costs. 71 positions 7 losses 2 breakeven and of course 62 wins.

SINCE MARCH 3rd 2008 !!!!!

If you are in a bind ..come to TTT and get the problems solved today !!!

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