Monday, March 17, 2008


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We formed a small TRADERS GROUP that has had the purpose of using the 2nd quarter ...90 days to make as much money as possible !!!! The members who have joined in have only committed to a $100 fee after the 90 days were over and only if they made a good fees were charged up front for this service !!!

To date since the 2nd quarter began we have taken on 35 official trades and here are the results :

28 wins 6 Losses 1 break even Total profits $22,200.00

If you are interested in this opportunity ..please call me at 850-329-6745

Or reply in a e-mail :

All our trades are time stamped and verified and anyone can take any trade.

It is also very educational and informative as we socialize and pass along trading tips

come join us is easy !!!

Thanks for your support
Investing Made Easy !!!

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