Tuesday, March 11, 2008


TTT Clarification Time !!!!

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I am just taking to time to thank you all for being members of the TTT Hedge Fund 2008. As you know we have had a relentless Bear Market the past few weeks and as always the emotions and second guessing is in vogue as members ...rightly so ...wonder why I am LONG and not shorting the market and buying puts etc...I have to take the time to explain my strategies and how it has kept my family and friends on the right side of the market at least 90% of the time over the past 32 years. My specialty in the markets that I have prided myself on for the past 20 years is sentiment...sentiment usually wins out over many other indicators but used in combination with fundamental and technical work I feel I have developed the best possible way to make Huge profits and still stay IN THE GAME ...I.e. not going broke.

The last 3 months + have been tough as we have transitioned into a Bear Market and this bear has become more ferocious as the days go on as no confidence in the US monetary system or is representatives have created a Huge credit crunch and housing peril not ever seen before. The banking system is seemingly crawling to it's knees as more and more bad news fills the pages of every blog and newspaper one can find. This is a classic sign of bear market activity and usually comes at the depths of the bear ...this is actually good news ...#1 if you have any patience whatsoever ...you will be making fairly Easy profits fairly soon...Dr. Bernanke has set it up so we try to eliminate all excesses and prepare for a more sustained bull Market in 2009-10 .

With this said ...it doesn't feel any better to take risks and get your teeth kicked in daily !!! We have taken some risks as of late and some members are panicky and others just stay away...the point being ...we should not be trading options if you can't afford to lose the money you put in ...we try to make it safe by buying in the money 3-9 months out ...Most of our positions are of June min. duration and I always recommend stocks 1st ...we rarely go into the options and futures markets compared to stocks and 2x ETF's.

Bottom line I want to tell you again I am in it for the long run ..I am not a day trader ..I am a pattern LONG trader and my indicators I stubbornly stick with as they have always proved me right ....sometimes ..like now ...they make me look like a fool and I lose members because they see or hear of something new or better. The information and ideas I lay out to you are what I believe to be the best quality information available for the lowest price available and I want you to win daily ..weekly ..monthly ...yearly.

This is as tough a market as I have seen ..in retrospect I should have gone to cash 2-4 times in the past 60 days and instead played to aggressive thinking the federal government would do more to support our countries dollar and 401K IRA's ...this was my biggest mistake....we now have to find out in the next 48 hours if the market can rally and if it can hold that rally ...we stated earlier that we would taper back some positions and possibly go short if we did break to new lows at 1270 cash SPX ...we are right there right now and Wednesday we will begin the process of cutting back and being more conservative in this bear market.

I am aligned with 5 of what I consider to be the best minds in all of investing and am lucky enough to confer with them weekly ...all are about 80% invested long and are sufferring member loss and 10-40x the e-mails ...and not for new membership !!!

I lost a few members this week and that is fine all of them explained they could not stand to make losing trades and could not handle the risk other than money market funds. I totally understand ...but unfortunately you guys have not been able to go through a business cycle with me ....most joined during or late in the cycle and that is what I wanted ...to find 100 or so traders who could weather the bear and get wealthy in the new bull ....you won't believe how easy it is to make money when the buying starts !!!!

So ..again ..I thank you for your membership and hope you stay on for years to come and I hope you are their for the first BULL MARKET BUY SIGNAL ..and possibly take part in a BEAR MARKET SHORT SIGNAL soon also as we will follow the indicators as long as I am standing and typing ....stubborn some say ...but honest and proud of my work and my service....Thank you again for your time !!!!

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