Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Short package tonight as our memebrship for 07' ends June 7th and no new members will be allowed in. The TTT HEDGE FUND has accomplished more in 10 months than most funds do in 10 years. I am just going to give you our portfolio and you decide ??? WE are moving everyday so you may have our stocks but you do not know when to buy and when to sell. The TTT Hedge FUND has destroyed the market ...even on down days !!!

The fact is the Bears are still trying to short the market and as long as that happens after this 1000 point run ..we will be OK.

A big focus of ours over the past week has been the semiconductor sector. We went over the apparent apathy in the group, and the likelihood that the next breakout would therefore have a better chance of sticking.

Today's gap up was unusually large in the HOLDR that tracks the group, SMH. Historically it's been a tough bet to count on much more of a gain after such a large gap opening, but today the sector shrugged off the tendency to fade back and instead logged a decent trend higher into the close.

Looking at the other precedents when it gapped up by such a large amount and then tacked on even more gains during the day, I couldn't find anything conclusive, as it showed mixed performance going forward. I continue to feel, however, that as long as speculative money re-finds this sector, it bodes well longer-term for both tech and equities in general.

The push higher in the Nasdaq 100 today triggered an overbought reading in one of the few technical indicators I follow, the Relative Strength Index. We got an extreme reading in the Dow the other day, now the NDX is showing a reading of 95. The last four similarly stretched readings lead to some trouble for the NDX, but historically performance going forward has been OK as long as the index doesn't trade back below the low of the day that gave the extreme reading.

What that boils down to is if the NDX can hold above 1840 for the next few sessions, then we should see yet another push higher; if it cannot, and instead reverses back below that area, then I'll be betting on more of a short-term correction to take hold.

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