Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today many records were set on Wall Street and our TTT Hedge Fund soared ahead as we continue to take advantage of higher prices to take profits and conform our portfolio to meet the next 6 month run. I hope that the "Height" of the markets do not scare you away because as we have spoken about earlier , we are just approaching where we were in November and the QQQQ and SMH are so tightly wrapped they just seem ready to explode. We will probably have a few days of minor corrections but the fact is there are BUYERS WAITING TO GET IN !!!!!

Our philosophy is to hold great stocks and time the market and hedge the market to limit losses and grab HUGE gains. We are shooting at 10X our initial investment by the 4th of July !!! You members all know how much I love that Holiday !!! QQQQ at 50 seems a bit strange but with LBO's and stock buy backs and the world economy wanting our products even ex-chairman Greenspan said some nice words about the world economy which got me even more BULLISH !!!

So how do you get in. Old members know that they use whatever investing money they have and use the whole portfolio or use options to duplicate the whole portfolio. Many just hedge-hog in and out and cream the markets with GS and NYX . Of course the best way is to own the stocks and then with our unique timing indicators get into options and out with huge profits. We will be using the QLD and options on indexes after earnings season but for now it is stocks that are leading the portfolio higher !!!

Tomorrow will probably be the worst in a while due to the A/D line problems today and not so great earnings news but if we can hold in there ...maybe GOOG of all companies can come to the rescue. The Bears have to have a day or two in here and we have gotten our profits and even bought some puts expecting their entry here!!!

But we will not let them have the week as the Bull Run will continue and May may be the best month of the year !!!!

As always thanks for becoming a member and those who read the blog and would like to join the TTT HEDGE FUND

PayPal $75 to: tomandprisha@msn.com usually $249 but we decide to keep it at $75 until our anniversary so even more members can see what we did in one years time 21k-210k ??? Stay Tuned !!!


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