Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well we just couldn't be happier for our members who have plunged into the markets and made thousands of dollars with my strategy of buying great stocks and then using options on those stocks to leverage the profits. We have gone 8X our original investment and are just getting started " STRENGTH BEGETS STRENGTH " is the mantra around here and things are STRONG in our portfolio ...just today ...

TTI +4.41% WOW !!!!!
RAD +4.21% WOW
PCU + 2.1%
HK +2.04%
GLBL + 2.11%
DISH +1.68%
ASFI +2.06%
ANR +2.00%
GSF +1.55%
SMH +1.5%
MYL +2.83%
INTC +2.79% WOW our top pick carries the market for 2 straight days !!!!
GLW +1.06 You cannot find a service who can do this for 10 montrhs straight !!! And we are just starting ..get on board now !!!

Gosh ...If you could jointoday before the rates go up to $249 you could get the options details on these stocks that are skyrocketing !!!

Please take the time to look at our record and look at these stocks !!! Up almost 5% in one day !!! You add in the options plays and we are making history !!!

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Cal from NY

Try us today ...the last leg of the Bull market is upon us and you need the stocks the timing and especially the experienced 24/7 service that makes us unique..no more wondering ...we have the answers and we want you totally invested in this BULL MARKET RUN !!!

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We are in the zone now and our stocks are going much much higher ....

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