Monday, April 16, 2007


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An unbelievable day for the Bulls and the risk was like I said last week was not being IN the market !!! It was funny how everyone was trying to think of ways to short the markets 45 days ago and then got paralyzed as the puts got eaten up and now are sitting with cash . They all are buying in after we have had a 6 week 800 point run !!!

We are lightening up a bit but just trying to get back to an even weighting . I am not turning bearish ..just that my FUND has to stay hedged except when I am EXTREMELY BULLISH and right now I am just an ordinary Bull who has just taken a huge bite out of the market !!! Our members have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with my calls on stocks and options.

Last night we raised our 08' annual fee to $249 per year ...but due to the RALLY !!! I am going to go until my anniversary June 7th for $75 !!!

We are the BUZZ on the internet...our page views are through the roof and advertisers want to advertise on our site but I will not allow it. You , are the most important part of the TTT Hedge Fund !!! 10-20 e-mails a day with GREAT STOCKS OPTIONS and Timing on the indexes !!! premium service no one else can get at 10x the price.

We are on a roll and there is no stopping us ...MEOH up 11% today !!!! Our stock of the week was aptly called GS Goldman Sachs ...WOW !!!! Our new members must have been amazed when the 1st stock of the week was up $8.00 in 4 hours !!!!

But you shouldn't be of our past stocks of the week BLUD Immucor is now at 35.00 and we recommended at $28.00+. So we are taking profits and positioning ourselves for the next run. We are still looking at QQQQ at 50 and DOW at 14000 on the 4th of July !!!!

How can you get involved ??? Paypal $75.00 to : for all the special editions and personal service 24/7 !!!

Call me anytime at 352-870-4626

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Tom Malone
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I am here for you in this last leg of the Bull market and why not double your money every couple of months ???? We have gone from 21k to 120k in less than a year and we are going higher !!!! We have 18 stocks now in our model portfolio and 20 in our speculative portfolio and are in 6 options plays !!!

INTC is going to rule the news with another tech bellweather EMC as we happen to be in both and up or down we will be honest and competing for you every day !!!

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