Sunday, April 1, 2007


Yes it is time to talk seasonality and considering our typical strong Feb/Mar got taken by the BEARS , I think they owe us one !!! I have been asked why I am so BULLISH a lot lately and it is not simple to explain !!!

After 31 years of selling stocks to the public and not managing my own account I got a chance starting almost 10 months ago to put $21,000 into my own TTT HEDGE FUND 2007. Since that time we have gone up 7 fold and we do not plan to stop now !!! 21k to nearly 150k is quite an accomplishment but we have been helped by being on the right side of the market and hedged and more importantly in the right STOCKS. The Average stock has gone literally nowhere in the last 3 months while we pile on the gains ...why not join the TTT HEDGE FUND TEAM and become a part of these record setting gains ????

We are now in a adjusted portfolio and weighted 130% long stocks/ options ...I would give you our portfolio but the low $75 membership fee is a small price to pay to get the stocks and the TIMING we provide on a daily basis. Oue memebrs got an e-mail on Friday to buy QQQQ calls and within a few hours they were up over $1,000...a nice play for 1/2 day and it helped out our portfolio that keeps rising even with the Bears making a good case this week.

So the cost will go to $249 per year and the Blog will soon end as we will dedicate our time to our limited members ...WHY NOY SPEND $75 to get a full year of this phenomenal growth !!!

We guarantee you will make the $75 in your 1st trade or your money back have nothing to lose !!!!

So join us today and have the 24/7 care / service you deserve...a seasoned pro at your service 24/7 one else would ever make this offer but I am so sure that you will double your money ...the offer stands until I have enough members to close it down ...and then we will give JUST OUR MEMBERS THE PICKS, THE CALLS that the internet investing community is buzzing about.

PayPal $75 to : TODAY Or just give me a call and we will hammer out the details !!!


Tom Malone
1272 Cross Circle
Tallahassee Fl 32301

We are hopefully on the verge of a breakout in stocks ...sentiment , seasonals and earnings may just propel the last leg of this Bull a lot further than we all think.


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