Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The new records are falling and here at the TTT HEDGE FUND WE WANT YOU TO JOIN !!!!

WE have our Bull Market Special 07' membership for $75 !!! 24/7 Service

The Model Portfolio...The Timing on options plays ....The experience of one of the best traders on the net.

You can have it all ...EMC has been our core holding along with GS for 10 months as I have publicly turned $21,000.00 to nearly $200,000.00 today !!!!

For a simple $75 transaction over PayPal you can get into this Bull Run tomorrow.

All the special reports daily e-mails and phone service...anything you need as an investor have it !!!

No one else comes close to my service and our members are rolling in the 7 week profit ride !!!

" I have never made money in the stock or options market ..I think I lost my last 15 trades ../I was talking with a freind and he said to go to the website..I called Tom and now I am 5-5 with my last $2250 is now 3x andI also have some dividend income coming in !!! "

Dennis M.
Laguna Beach Ca.

" Tom , how do you do it !!!! every stock in the portfolio was up today...I was scared but you told everyone to buy the dips and gave me EMC call options since I just had $500 and now I am in 4 positions with over $2900...that is a lifesaver !!!!"

Gainesville Ga.

PayPal $75 to : Reg. $249 But I want to help all I can before this Bull gets too OLD !!!!

You can call me anytime 352-870-4626

Take a minute and get yourself ready to make some big money in the coming months strategies fit everyone's budget and with options and good stocks can create wealth !!!

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