Friday, April 20, 2007


How do you turn $21,000.00 into Over $210,000 ??? Join the TTT HEDGE FUND. We got confirmation that this last BULL LEG IS JUST STARTING today with the meltup on the DOW and 95% of our stocks up and up big ...get this !!!!

EMC 14.15-15.40 5 sessions add on the options up 240%

GSK 55.91 - 59.50 5 sessions add in options up 374%

GS 208.10 - 220.02 5 sessions add in options up 290%

INTC 20.10 - 22.20 5 sessions add in options up 760% WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMCL 39.75 - 42.03 5 sessions add in options up 330%

NDAQ 29.48 - 32.30 5 sessions add in options up 749% WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not join us today ???

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What do I get

24/7 service with the BEST STOCK PICKER IN THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW !!!!!

THE TIMING WE WERE OVER 100% invested for the 1000 point run in the DOW !!!

Read the back archives ..look at my record and tell me why you shouldn't join a TTT HEDGE FUND that has more than 10X it's money in less than a year !!!!

The numbers show it !!!!

Now I will show you the money !!!

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You have to join soon ...the Bull has got his wind back and we are going to 50 QQQQ and 250 GS I have said this for 10 months and I have been on the nose. my memebrs are creating wealth everyday and my calls have been PERFECT.

PayPal $75 and start making money with our new portfolio on Monday !!!

Competing for you everyday !!!!


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