Wednesday, April 11, 2007


You only have til Sunday night to join the TTT HEDGE FUND for $75 !!! On Sunday rates will go back to the $249 per year price so read our success stories and join today !!!

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Our portfolio held together well today as the Bears came out of hibernation for a day to keep the Bull Market from going straight to new highs. The NYSE COMP had already been there along with breadth on the NYSE so we needed a break in the action.

Now is the time to join as all our new portfolio picks are in the BUY ZONE is time for you to pick up Goldman Sachs as we have a special report given to members only tonight tellling you when to buy options and when GS will make it's next move!!!

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EXPERIENCE ...someone who has been there and can save your portfolio starting today !!! We send out 10-20 e-mails per day keeping you up to date and we bought a BOATLOAD OF CALLS today when the market was down over 110 points !!!

Why not get the special reports ....24/7 service and the CALL options that will get us a double ???

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GE was ready for earnings today ...held in like it wants to lead the BULL higher .

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