Wednesday, April 4, 2007


You only have until April 15th and we are taking our last yearly member for the unbelievably low price of $75 !!! If you would have joined yesterday would have joined our members who were holding Immucor (BLUD) and the April 30 options and ( If we hold on ) are up 400% !!! A 10% position in the stock alone made you a bundle so whether you are a stock holder ..options player or a bit of both and just want to make need to join today !!!

I do not have one losing stock in my 49 picks since this unbelievable run has begun on June 7th 2006 !!! WE now have almost 8x our original investment while the market is FLAT !!! How in the world do we do it ??? STOCKPICKING...TIMING...LEVERAGE. Please go back and read the last 30 days and see the unbelievable run we have been on !!! It's reality investing and you need to get on board before we shut down the $75 fee and return to our $249 annual service fee which is a bargain at that !!!

Please look at out portfolio listed in the last articles and you can see there are no mirrors bragging ...just hard work ...with more gains to come. We are just beginning the last and most lucrative leg of this Bull market and you know what your returns will be will double your money quickly with our aggressive but risk averse style and strategies that use leverage combined with the safety of the best stocks in the world !!!

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My members have made a ton of money in the short time since I retired from Legg Mason after 30 years and devoted my time to trading the stock and options markets through my Blog site. I invested my last check of $21,000.00 into this TTT HEDGE FUND so the whole world could see the progress ...whether it was up or down ...well 10 months later we are 8 x our money after tomorrows up day as we are leveraged with .QQQEQ 50 contracts bought today at $2.00 and after our successful plays ON BLUD and Options on several tremendous stocks that are poised to skyrocket !!!

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