Tuesday, April 3, 2007


As posted last night our members were up to 200% leveraged into one of the nicest rallies of the year eclipsing 200 Dow points in two days when we sold QLD ( The Biggest Moneymaker In The Fund !!!) Plus 80 more contracts of QQQEQ for a huge profit as we brought our portfolio total from a meager $21,000.00 on June 7th 2006 to a whopping $158,978.91 TODAY !!!!

Realtime members got to see the action for themselves and all portfolio stocks made great gains and the leverage of our options created tremendous profits !!! We sold CNQ a 10% stake for $56.45 a 9% profit in 4 sessions!!!..EMC has ran from 11.00 to 14.29.....INTC ..we were hoping to catch the bottom last week ( BINGO!!!) by buying the stock and the Summer options moved up nicely to boost our leverage and portfolio !!!! GLBL up HUGE !!!!! AMR SKYROCKETING !!!! GS and MS are Horses !!!

Newest addition NYX added $5.00 a we again bought with perfect timing !!! We took some profits today at 12350.00 and now are 100% invested with a new portfolio in our members hands...we just cannot see why you don't join ?? The fee goes to $249 on April 15th and you could make a ton in this current rally if you join today !!!

Pay Pal $75 to : tomandprisha@msn.com

Call me and I will explain our aggressive but risk averse system of beating this market with quality stocks.

Our members get a great charting service and 4-10 e-mails per day letting them know what is really going on in the markets. While some services were holding truckloads of puts ..my members got an e-mail last evening showing why the market would rally strongly and how the intermediate trend has turned up.

Don't miss your chance to make 2-10x your money !!!

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A full portfolio update and entry points + new selections will be received by our members who have paid JUST $75 for 24/7 service and every member ...100% has made money ..even those joining yesterday came in and were treated to a greatr day 10x the membership fee on average ....

And for the NAYSAYERS ...look at the other sites ...look at mine ...BUY GS and don't get scared by the markets. I know you want to join and believe in this market ...and especially make money !!! So Join TODAY !!!

The Fun is just beginning.

We Compete For You Everyday !!!

Tom BULLS 2 BEARS 0 For April

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