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The weekend got off to a exciting start as the employment numbers dropped and payrolls grew much more than expected !!! This goes along with my "read between the lines" Ben Bernanke theory that he said in so many words that the economy is much stronger than people think which has me very Bullish on stocks. The drawback of course is inflation but wages are slowing a bit which should ....for awhile ...keep the stock market and Bond market fairly one wants to see INFLATION but at least now we have a month of no STAGFLATION.

Bottom line is that there has been so much fear of everything... the markets have found a way to go higher with sentiment and technical readings tremendous for 1-3 months out. We have to take advantage of this by utilizing my strategies of buying great stocks then or in exchange buying IN THE MONEY OPTION OUT 3 months minimum !!! Most of us cannot afford to buy 1000 shares of GS but we should all be able to buy the options....we want to rent the stocks cheaply during this phase of the Bull Market.

I have investors in our TTT HEDGE FUND that are investing $500 and believe it or not some that have well over $1 million. I treat everyone pretty much the same. You can do as you see fit pressure from me ...I am like a tool in your toolbox just use my TIMING and Stock Recommendations as a piece of your overall investing program but I will continue to push for you to get more involved on the Long Side and try to get you into some of the greatest , undervalued stocks in the world.

My view is that we have had our slowdown and from looking at the STEEL and COAL and resource stocks( have you seen tires!!!!) the chances of recession were about 0%...but the public was sooooo bearish on stocks and when subprime( 1/1000000) of the economy fell out of bed (for good reason) ...stocks had a typical Bull market correction after the longest run without one in HISTORY !!!
The NYSE A/D line is at historic highs as is most world stock thing you will get from me is "Strength begets Strength " ...why do stocks that make new highs continue to make new highs for months at a time ???? GT look at a chart Tires / Steel X and soon copper and gold ...all in Bull markets and soon TECH and BIOTECH will join in as we have seen....then , hopefully by Christmas everyone will be on the same side of the Bull as sentiment numbers get out of touch on the bullish side and we will have a big Fall in January !!!

Short term the report today saw futures jump and bond rates rise ...a lot can change by Monday morning !!! But armed with a new portfolio and having our intermediate signals good but our short term again extreme...we will wait for a selloff to buy our new stocks .

As mentioned we went 100% into cash except for the Jan 08 XLK 23.00 calls which are tough to get in and out of we left them my reports for the weekend ...I will show you the holdings and purchase price of everything that I have bought since Day 1 you can have an idea how much the markets have moved and in which areas. Then we will get our new portfolios with some nice charts you can save courtesy of D.B who has graciously donated his time and energy to help me with this task. ***** Remember ....I have been in these positions for 10 months and it takes great timing and some luck to get a great purchase price so just because I am recommending 20 stocks and options on the stocks is absurd to think you could go out and buy them all at the open Monday and make any money....we will gradually pick up positions in each stock and the appropriate option when my indicators say so and not a second least not in the model portfolio.

Most of you have your own portfolios and know your stocks and there will be very few that will follow my TTT HEDGE FUND exactly....but I will have at least 9 stocks carried over from the OLD portfolio that I officially "sold" so I have to get a new purchase price. But I feel with a bunch of new members on board and only a few actually seeing the dramatic rise in our account...we can do it more accurately from here. It would have been more beneficial to do it from the correction lows as stocks have rallied smartly but ...If I am right ...I can prove to you that in a Bull Market buying high and selling higher is the way to go ....stocks that have run 30-100% may go 200-300%. Sectors like SEMI's that I have been dying to get in on the bottom may have done so !!! and that will be a whole new Bull market !!!

And finally our speculations. We will have 20 stocks that we will provide to you that I have screened and are just too risky for the model portfolio...I am a conservative stock picker and that is why ...though very confident with my call on BLUD ..I bailed too early and most people didn't touch...3-4 months from now you will be buying and asking for stocks like this is how psychology works in the stock markets !!! These stocks can be used in whichever way you see fit ...but they are picked on the hopes they will double in price in 6 months...even if we hit 2 of twenty in the options market should make you very wealthy...if we hit will be fun.

So Spring Cleaning is here , I have put my self in a tough position trying to recreate the enormous gains of the past 10 months but I am here to work for you members !!! Let's try to work together , develop some trust and make some money. For you bears out there ....there will be opportunities to go short in the next year and we will hedge both our DIA put holdings have been stopped out recently for small losses but it hasn't barely affected out profits.

Finally , I am going to stop membership "hawking" on April 15th as the price for service will rise to $249 per year and hopefully my success will bring word of mouth advertising rather than PBS begging !!! But I wanted as many members as possible to take part in this opportunity.

To my lifetime members ...I thank you for putting your faith in me and I am sure you all would tell the new members that I am darn good and buy some of his stocks as you have made some enormous gains !!! New members will see daily how hard I work and the data that comes out with 24/7 service. Our billing cycle will be yearly to make bookwork easy renew ...lifetime members you can opt not to pay as we agreed or if you would like to give a "tip" for services rendered it is always appreciated as I am the only full service low cost firm on the internet !!! Everyone else will be billed on December 15th for calendar year 08'. So all accounting can be done by years end and any "tips" accrued can be accounted for in calendar year 07'.

Finally I will ask you to pass along to your friends the blog site and hope that you will recommend my service to someone along the way. I know several members have come from recommendations at message boards and blogs so please mention my site whenever possible and stop by and say a few words when you get the time. We had another stellar week this week and those who were in 100% made one heck of a lot of money. So I will keep you updated with pertinent data all week...again gets to be a lot at times and you can feel free just to junk it if it is not relavent to you !!! Knowledge and hard work is the way to beat this market and we are going to try to do it again ...8x our money since June would be special to do it again by Jan 08 !!!!


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