Thursday, April 26, 2007


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Well besides from a couple of boo boos we had a good day on the model portfolio. The market is SOOOOO POWERFUL>>>NO ONE CAN SHORT IT !!!!!! You get killed being a BEAR and they have been the losers in one of the most historic runs in US market history. HOW CAN I GET IN ????? Join today ...we are set not only to beat the market but beat it by 200-800% Come joinus today !!!!

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XLK ASKING 25.00 after hours ...!!!

XLF stops us at 37.00 tomorrow if we have a bad day !!!!!

GSK Also close to losing it !!!!

GS Hit 226.60 !!!

IMCL stopped out by pennies but picked up the Jan 08 options 45.00 @5.30

MS Hit 84.80

NDAQ hit 33.75

VLO the star of the day Hit 73.00 !!!

I think we will get stopped out of a few issues tomorrow but I have been wrong a couple times this week !!!

As a matter of fact ...I was ready to write a big long article on how RIGHT I HAVE BEEN and how I was near "perfect" etc...Guess we will hold off on that news for another day ( or year !!!)

We will continue to sell stock and prepare for better conditions to buy some more speculative issues down the road and all I can say is look to July 4th or to Christmas and we will be seeing a lot higher prices...

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