Friday, April 27, 2007


I am sorry but there will be no more free trades here !!! We will give you our trades AFTER they are made ...we made hundreds of thousands of dollars for our memebrs and for 20 cents a day should join NOW !!!

Here is our latest member commenting on our trades after joining Wednesday !!!

Hey Tom
I'm happy to tell you that I made 40% return on my NBR May 32.50 trade that entered earlier today. I didn't have 50 contracts, but none the less I had a winning trade. I entered into a couple contracts of the NBR June 32.50 looking to capture more profits next week. Thanks - I'm 2 for 3 now on my trades recommended by you in the past two days. I'm happy!

Thanks so much!!

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I cannot post our portfolio or trades anymore as it is hurting our members and they are my # 1 priority so I will just give market commentary and try to post gains JUST IN THE PORTFOLIO THAT Has now gone to $250,000 !!!

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