Monday, April 23, 2007


Good Evening ,

We had a Great day in the market bar QCOM whom some of us got stopped out of and some of us didn't. I still think they are a good play and will try to reenter tomorrow. The TXN news after the bell was huge and US futures are still looking good at the night session. Overseas is flattish and like I stated earlier today look for a lot of days like today as stock picking and being in the right sectors is key.

We have a ton of earnings plays and all we can do is Buy Buy Buy and hope that our good fortune continues with our horde of stocks doing exceptionally well

EMC Will Not stop going !!!

GS You know where it is headed !!!

GSF Another Cramer Pump tonight on takeover speculation

NDAQ Upd Huge ..finally someone is getting the story , thanks GS for letting the world know !!! 29.00 - 34.00

NSM after hours went crazy as the TXN news helped it too

SMH also after hours we picked the bottom ...right on INTC and the entire SMH very proud of that ..but the Home sales numbers will get people thinking 2x about growth so move those stops up ...never went broke taking profits !!!

SIMO up 7.5% off our spec list

PCU may never have a down day ( Until I buy the options !!!)

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Update 8:45 am Tuesday

$21,000.00 to over $200,000.00 in ten months !!!!!


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