Friday, April 13, 2007


Since June 06 I have stayed with one main point...we are in a Bull Market and we will go to 14,000 Dow and be at 50 QQQQ. Now , after turning $21,000.00 into almost $180,000.00 we should take a look at why we have now reached new highs in many indicators. NYSE breadth is at an ALL -TIME HIGH ...very BULLISH. "STRENGTH BEGETS STRENGTH" and it makes the Bears mad but you just cannot sell this market short !!!

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The power of options and leverage of good stocks is paying off. We use stop limits and our members sleep well knowing that they have a huge amount to gain and little to lose.

Have I been on "Fire" ...yes ...36 of 40 stocks up and some ( I will give you my 2007 stock of the year !)

NDAQ !!!! This was Chosen on January 1st as the # 1 stock for 2007. Well the Arbs got ahold of it and it was out of commission for awhile but as I said in my research report that my members receive daily...NDAQ is set to go to the MOON ...everything was in place and it finally happened. Spec stocks including one of our favorites that Imentioned on Marketwatch SIM is a takeover stock and is going much higher, why not join today !!!

Only TTT HEDGE FUND MEMBERS have access to the same tools the pros use and we can get in and out faster than any HEDGE FUND ...we are killing the markets and the EARNINGS SEASON brings ??????

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I want you to make money !!!

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