Thursday, April 12, 2007


Our model portfolio of 20 stocks were all up at one point during the day and our meager $21,000.00 investment we started with in June 06' is now worth an amazing $174,201.08. Just incredible. We were over 150% invested in stocks and options and we had QLD 2x QQQQ powershares tearing it up for us !!! You can still get the full premium membership for $75 until Sunday then it goes back to $249 per year. We took some profits today but are ready for anything with a tremendous portfolio....WHQ....IMCL were two big winners and we have the best of all stocks and options and you can only get them here. The internet is BUZZING as TTT HEDGE FUND HAS EXPLODED as the market averages are flat we are going for 9X our money !!!!

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VLO calls bought on the open ...blew out !!! DOW still a shot at big money ...20 stocks in our model portfolio skyrocketing 20 stocks in our Speculative portfolio to the races !!!

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