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I hope you are having a enjoyable weekend and I am attaching a tremendous piece of history for you to enjoy from one of our Traders on Paltalk JBLJudy whom has been a tremendous asset in our daily chat for several months...I thank her and her family for their efforts !

It brings up one of the most interesting subjects that has caused a ton of controversy in the past election and keeps erupting daily that effects the way our economy in my opinion will turn out years from now ...we as investors traders have to keep up day to day but I rarely speak of the generational changes that I think will take place due to this period of extreme excess we have gone through.

For the long term please do not count America out ...I here all too often ( and rightfully so ) how our country has done such harm and our values have changed and we will be the next socialist country blah blah blah.

I look at what my 33 years + on stock trading has seen and it makes me even more confident despite dire predictions and deficits for our lifetime that it is time for us to look back at all the excesses and see how our kids will be affected...maybe it is a GOOD thing as some are reporting.

I was there in 1963 as my father ( on a piece of typing paper ) signed a contract with him for our house a $34,000.00 property in Clinton Iowa and I vividly remember the straight lines that said I Patrick Malone promise to pay $65.00 per month until the debt was free and clear bank ..just two trusting gentlemen working out something beneficial to both ...also in those times the banks were also lending money on cars but our cars were paid for in cash ...usually from bonuses my father made from working 60 hours a week as a travelling salesman.

Paying for things in cash or running a "tab" at the local grocer...we couldn't make ends meet at times so the grocer took on your debt knowing things would work out ...that was then. Now we have created a few decades of Credit cycles that led the banks and EVERYONE ELSE leverage the good times up . Some of course did it illegally and some are still paying for the massive greed but we all are to blame to a certain extent. Who hasn't bought something they didn't need or something that was just too much for their budget or have pampered their kids with way too many "designer" items and let them have things they really do not deserve because they have not earned them.

This mess we are in that I have been pretty Pollyanna about because I have seen and studied the Great Depression and was making oil well drilling pipes in the 73-74 recession where I do not think things could have ever been worse ! But I got into schools and stayed fascinated not so much in the money but the GREAT GIFT OF really can ...through hard work and education make it in America and have things that you never dreamed of if you follow some easy guidelines.

Those guidelines have been tossed out several times since my Dad signed that contract for a house in 1963 and I have never seen a time when people distrust each other as much or countries distrust America. And maybe it is deserved ..we as a nation have not lived up to our potential for over a decade and my hopes are that with reminders of where this country has been will lead us to a new view of we can get it back by doing the little things that may become "normal" again ...paying with cash ...cutting coupons ...eating out less and enjoying family discussions and leading our kids to THINK at least about the history you and I have been through and how by staying true to yourself and to your country especially in the rough times can lead to a greater sense of self and country ...patriotism is not a value we speak of much lately and believe it or not it may be one of our most patriotic progressive times ahead if we can work on this crisis as a nation and as friends of capitalism.

The video represents to me what is good with the US ...we have had millions give their lives for this country but we still have millions of detractors in this country that we allow to speak their minds and they are not unpatriotic to disagree but once the line is drawn where you burn a flag or pray that this President fails to enhance your political parties chances or help a special interest ...we should pay attention .

Finally , I want to say that our financial system has been irresponsible and corporate America has been way too greedy way too long which along with poor policy and lack of outlook for our kids has put us through the Bubbles of the past decade and lead most to believe that America's best days are behind us ...I disagree...I see opportunity ...opportunity to FIX what is wrong and to follow this President and the next ...Black , brown Independent or Republican and to help our kids understand that this most wealthy of countries can make mistakes ...can abuse and mistakes rights and privileges and make a mess but we will always clean it up and own up to our mistakes and live a life that is one guided by the will of our family values we have upheld over two centuries. I think that this enormous test of our ingenuity and our faith will be answered with further tough times but ultimately a stronger more wiser nation that once again lives within it's means and takes on a global economy with a strength and patriotic fervor like seen in the early sixties ...this is my hope and I certainly will be watching with my heart and my wallet as the crisis continue to unfold and we try to invest and retire proud of our accomplishments and not left in shame as the generation whom took all the best America had to offer and gave nothing back.

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