Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We had put this Fantasy portfolio on to see how it would do testing the "strength begets strength" thesis ! I know it isn't exactly right but close enough to look and and admire. This is the reason they say most of the BIG money is made in the first weeks to months of a bull market !

Just think if we had stuck with our 40 contracts in the TF futures ! $100 per point from 342 -402+ $24K in a week or so !

We do have some options that have doubled now...the Jan 2011 UYG 3.00 calls we picked up 350 but have sold down to 240 as the UYG has doubled ! We will continue to pare them off but still think that the banks are good to continue the rally year over year and are good long term buys. Of course we will have a near term fall but probably not more than 10% in the sector and the overall market now is in CONFIRMED BULL MARKET MODE with everything we have said from march 2rd TTT buy signal coming true to a T !

We have taken profits in positions like FAS UYG GE BAC C AXP and in futures and options on all types of plays long and just took FCX for a 42% rise and it is still going !

Our stocks we now rate a BUY are ZF up 20% XBI Up 3% STI just added today as a takeover play up 6% SO added today up 3.5% VZ up 12% DIG up 16% DAG up 20%

Stocks rated hold that may be stopped out in the next 2 days are FWLT stop just 2% back GLW stop 2% back F stop 2% back QCOM stop 2% back .

Remember some of my basic rules

1) We do not get stopped out the day we purchase
2) We put in our stops the next day at 8% back of 10:30 am Bid
3) We raise our stop once a stock goes up 10% to break even
4) then if it continues higher we put a trailing stop at 4%
5) once it is over a 25% gain we trail at 2% and then a 40-50% gain we are at .5%

This keeps you in Bull markets and knocks you out in bear markets where you belong...the market will tell you as it is the ultimate "decider".

Some interesting thoughts on today one expected the action in bonds !

No one thinks this is a bear market rally anymore ...( just kidding !)

800.00 cash SPX will be a tough nut to crack until we get a TTT Buy signal !

Another explanation for new members and a refresher for old timers...1) Traders is a speculative 200K that we day trade or swing trade 1-5 days in and plow the profits into our MAIN FUND which is geared to the intermediate term which is 10x larger but please don't worry about SIZE is all about % % % % 2) Finally the profits from Traders and the Main Fund are put into the IRA which is our Largest account ! We continually add money in and never ever take money out !

Using this method are able to control the 1-5 day period 5-60 day periods and the long haul .

Simply looking at our % long is enough to see how bullish I am but I also tell you everyday ! Sometimes 20x a day but i love this market and I am putting my money and positions out to you guys everyday with 100% confidence that you will make money and use stops and try your best to follow the basics of investing whether speculating in options or hedging in futures or just buying and holding for the long term system works for you !

I want to thank all the members for being so polite and kind with e-mails of successes from everything from making $225 on a stock pick to many who have made over $150,000 in this short stretch , it is truly memorable and a very ACTIVE PHASE in the markets that may not last very long so we will be here with our 14 proprietary indicators that give buy and sell signals to hit 94% of the time and with our vast experience we were the 1st to call this a BULL MAKET and it may come back to haunt me but I again have been here before and with the momentum indicators and studies I have run ...we are in a BULL and I need you to take part !

Please pass along this info to a friend co-worker etc if you think they can be helped ...we have been hurt by some members breaking our agreement to pass this data along but now is the time to expand my membership and get as many people enjoyng the coming year or so of BETTER LONG BULL PATTERN TRADING IN WHICH I AM ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT .

I will continue to work hard to give you all the info / data the pros get day in and out and please let me know if I can help in anyway !

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or as always call me at 850-329-6745

I am the only 24/7 full service one man show out there with all the services and want you along for this ride !

Thanks for being on the TTT team !


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No. Ticker Company Price Change% Volume Transaction Date Shares Cost Market Value Gain$ Gain% Change$
1. ERX Direxion Energy Bull 3X Shares 25.20 2.69% 8,060,191 Buy 03-09-09 459 15.8 11559.63 4311.93 59.49% 302.75
2. BGU Direxion Large Cap Bull 3X Shares 23.15 7.03% 32,305,760 Buy 03-09-09 498 15.08 11528.88 4018.92 53.51% 756.97
3. TNA Direxion Small Cap Bull 3X Shares 17.74 10.54% 18,759,996 Buy 03-09-09 664 10.07 11772.39 5090.25 76.18% 1122.10
4. FAS Direxion Financial Bull 3X Shares 7.16 27.63% 377,432,672 Buy 03-09-09 1,942 2.15 13902.91 9728.16 233.02% 3009.71
5. UYG Ultra Financials ProShares 2.97 16.47% 205,194,016 Buy 03-09-09 4,237 1.46 12584.75 6398.31 103.42% 1779.66
6. GE General Electric Co. 10.32 3.20% 199,166,416 Buy 03-09-09 1,040 5.99 10727.65 4501.04 72.29% 332.64
7. WFC Wells Fargo & Company 17.22 17.46% 232,456,976 Buy 03-09-09 717 7.94 12352.94 6657.10 116.88% 1836.44
8. GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 105.25 6.32% 34,285,512 Buy 03-09-09 101 76.8 10652.83 2879.55 37.04% 633.60
9. C Citigroup, Inc. 3.08 22.71% 1,294,433,792 Buy 03-09-09 5,618 0.99 17303.37 11741.57 211.11% 3202.25
10. BAC Bank of America Corporation 7.67 22.33% 661,054,976 Buy 03-09-09 1,736 3.5 13315.97 7239.58 119.14% 2430.56
Total 10 Stocks 13.97% 125701.34 62566.41 99.10% 15406.68

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