Tuesday, March 10, 2009


tomthetrader: Good early morning all
tomthetrader: Futures are way up but Ben is going to speak
(8:10 AM) JR Roden: Good morning. When does Ben speak?
(8:10 AM) steve_45_4: you still in TF and TNA ?
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: 100% Long but scaling out of futures and reentering on dips
(8:13 AM) steve_45_4: ty
tomthetrader: Please take profits partially if you entered with me
(8:14 AM) *** aszags has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: we have 10000 shares TNA and 40 contracts TF plus some ES left plus we are 110% long Main Fund and 100% long IRA with a the takeover bid on DNA
(8:15 AM) steve_45_4: yep I just read email you sent last nite . was not in room that late . will take some now thank you
tomthetrader: Very happy day for TTT
tomthetrader: You can reenter in the YM if you feel you need exposure ...but I am taking 20% off every 4 points in TF
(8:16 AM) *** thefish102 has joined the room ***
(8:24 AM) *** tcb66 has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: TF H9 [30] RUSSELL 2000, MINI(X100) Mar '09 08:01:24 EDT 352.50 7.90 343.90 353.80 343.10
tomthetrader: we are still holding 26 contracts of TF which is still levered long over 120% with some amazing profits
tomthetrader: 1st time we have ever really caught THE BOTTOM
(8:33 AM) *** bloomert has joined the room ***
tomthetrader: 342.50 -352.50 $100 per point on 10 contracts $10 ,000 more profits and $18,000 since purchased

The TF pays out in the futures $100 per point up if long down if short we were 40 contracts long from 342.50 yesterday and are selling up 10 points 10 contracts for a $10,000 profit added to earlier sales for $8,000 profit we had a good night in TRADERS !

Plus now we have the luxury of sending the profits over to the main fund and looking at the huge gains in FAS and UYG !

We will not get greedy in this Bear but will stay 200% levered long and 100% long in out funds until the rally "rolls over !"


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