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Hi ,

I am charting out the course for our 2009 attack and wanted you all to remember the basic facts and guidelines behind my service :

#1 We are here to profit

#2 We are here to learn

#3 We are here to respect

#4 We are here to improve

#5 We are here to make some good !

Not only are the number of services out there in the millions ...people trying to make a buck off of the markets...there are people and new technology out there to wipe out businesses !

I have fought off "growth" and only grow by word of mouth. I let more members go than I bring in some years ...this being one of them !

I take my life and the markets very seriously and passionately. I am the ultimate competitor.

This year (2008) saw the foundation of the world's finanacial system come to a screaching halt September 15th. Many handled it in many ways , panic , leaving , getting mad and even spreading rumors and launching computer viruses and taking proprietary information and starting new web sites and acting as me !

I have had a total audit done on my business by the accounting staff interns at Florida State University and my business plan also reviewed by the FSU School of Business. They both helped me to set my plans for 2009 ...

The results are to keep it simpler...we need to advocate education ..we need to advocate training and we need to advocate the messages sent by my 1st e-mails...profit by honest time proven measures with your retirement and family priority one.

I have dismissed nearly 100 members due to sending out my data unlawfully and have attorneys working on litigation against one member for fraud and accepting money under unlawful circumstances via the internet.

I do not want a repeat of last year in this regards but with the bad comes the good. I work over 100 hours per week with my sincere goal to make you wealthy and knowledgable going into the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression.

My goals are still the same and guldelines still the same :

I accept no ads one can change my mind on many subjects including this .

My revenue stream from members like your self goes directly to pay for services ...vendors and technology with all after cost profits going to charity. I make $0.00 on this venture and I will never make any money to call my own is all about my members.

I have always left the E-mails open for you to reach out to other members ...ask them "What the heck is he doing now ?" No one else does this or have a chat room open 24/7 and have his phone line open 24/7.

I have taken calls on anniversaries birthdays vacations and funerals.

If you cannot or do not see that this is the case then you might want to remove your self from 2009 and no there are no refunds. The fees you pay are allocated at the time of the contract and for those who have abided by the terms of our agreement the last 5 years has been a real success.

For those who stray and lay blame at me our some other area ...that is why you will not be successful in this toughest of jobs in the world ! yes we put ourselves through more lost marriages , higher risk of coronary disease and mental problems than 84% of the US workforce. Sitting behind a computer all day managing money is the highest stress job one can have in 2008 -2009 barring our soldiers and physician/ surgeons.

Finally I am not retiring , I am not accepting $50 lifetime memberships and I am the most honest , loving , caring person you will meet. I can be a unbelievable pain in the butt but you will never find a better friend or person to do business with ever.

I say these things now to make sure TTT is the right place for you...the e-mails and time spent constructing e-mails are in the millions of hours now and my work with Dr. Zweig is bringing enormous wealth to those who are willing to BUY INTO it ...many try hundreds of schemes and strategies but if you want simple hard working methods of wealth accumulation Please stick with me !

I will not tell you the official amoutn of gains or losses as you can hire trackers or put all my trades on a spreadsheet...I can release you my tax returns and brokerage statements but that will not make you a better trader or investor.

My service is to be used as a tool and not a personal get rich quick scheme as it doesn't happen that way in real life. Now over 33 years in the business I believe I have seen it all and think that we are doing the right thing so please make your next step to helping your family and your self...take positives out of my low cost service. Be honest about your intent and let's make 2009 the best year ever for you and your family.

My work and my colleagues are very important to me and you are my number 1 concern in 2009. I look to answer all questions concerns but refuse to take any blame for what you do with your money. My apologies have been in the hundreds this year and will total 0 in 2009 because the work I have done in my life and the wealth I desire is at our reach ..we can do it together or you can move on.

Time is very precious and I spend most of my awake time concentrating on the markets for YOU !

That time will drop some this year as the intensity has taken a minor toll on my health and I will be seeing physicians this year fairly regularly but I am in good shape but the 20 hour days are over today !

My business is sound ...please do not send my e-mails to others and if possible try to recruit honest hard working folks who you think would benefit from my service. I am in awe of you who have supported me in the last year and certainly hope that we can continue a unusual but strong relationship !

All my best to you and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you !

$600 Per year Traders the 24/7 chat on Paltalk

$125 Per year for E-mail service 10-14 per day on average

$75 for special circumstances and college / scholarships.

PayPal :

E-mail : anytime !

Phone : 850-329-6745 anytime ! Main site.

We have purchased the domain for future use. will be used also soon so you can see updated videos that no one else can.

So please join me in the most exciting year ever at TTT Hedge Fund 2009 !

My Sincere Hope ,


Investing Made Easy !!!

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