Monday, December 29, 2008


(9:04 AM) vishal8: gm
(9:05 AM) ajayvee: g'mornin
(9:05 AM) JR Roden: gm all. Hope you had a great Christmas
(9:05 AM) thomas_Poland: gm
tomthetrader: audio testing now
(9:15 AM) ajayvee: y
(9:15 AM) bogdan07: y
(9:15 AM) vishal8: y
(9:15 AM) aszags: y
(9:15 AM) berniectx: y
(9:15 AM) bloomert: y
(9:15 AM) csu30: gm
(9:15 AM) redliontrader: y
tomthetrader: Thank you !
tomthetrader: we will stick with our 2x etf's
tomthetrader: and we are selling in the Main fund e-mails to come
(9:44 AM) thomas_Poland: does TF trading now ? I get not data for it
(9:44 AM) thomas_Poland: or trade
tomthetrader: may have changed their symbol ?
tomthetrader: I have TF March Futures
(9:45 AM) thomas_Poland: yes me to
(9:45 AM) thomas_Poland: and have no data for it
tomthetrader: what service you use Thomas ?
(9:45 AM) vishal8: try /TFH9
(9:45 AM) vishal8: or TF/H9
(9:46 AM) thomas_Poland: I have this
(9:46 AM) thomas_Poland: IQFeed
(9:46 AM) thomas_Poland: I had no problem with it at all
tomthetrader: I am going to grab some IWM puts to protect here short term
tomthetrader: Just some Jan 50.00 puts
tomthetrader: and try to get a 5% position
tomthetrader: IWMMW 5% position that is Jan 49.00
tomthetrader: 3.00 -3.15 is OK
tomthetrader: 872.50 ES 1 Short here
(9:52 AM) vishal8: Tom 872.50 is the SPX cash ?
tomthetrader: yes
(9:59 AM) JR Roden: SPY hourly chart looks like it wants to roll over soon to recharge.
tomthetrader: adding to IWMMW to a 10% postion at about 3.15 avg cost
(10:06 AM) thomas_Poland: NQ already below Fridays lows
(10:12 AM) Fulkdaddy: In other hard to believe news, the Lions fired their coach!
(10:12 AM) thomas_Poland: Es at 200 sma
(10:13 AM) berniectx: I'm in Dallas word is ours will be fired also
(10:14 AM) JR Roden: Having been born and raised in Green Bay, it was sad to see Brett Favre jump to the Jets, but I was ready for the Packers to move on w/Aaron Rodgers as Favre's multiple interceptions per game were wearing on me. I wish it could have ended better for him though.
(10:20 AM) thomas_Poland: 850 today?
tomthetrader: 866.50 on our short ES
tomthetrader: 3.25 on IWMMW
(10:31 AM) thomas_Poland: 0,92 P/C
tomthetrader: 850ish seems a great buy area again for the last shot at a good set up
tomthetrader: Long
tomthetrader: PC improving some Thomas ?
(10:32 AM) vishal8: isee at 212 (call/put ratio)
(10:33 AM) thomas_Poland: yes
(10:33 AM) thomas_Poland: some
(10:33 AM) thomas_Poland:
(10:33 AM) thomas_Poland: but TRIN bad, A/D line poor, and TICK suggests trend day down??
tomthetrader: possible ...I am not happy as a Bull but maybe a good run to 850 will set up a great rally ...we can only play it straight up
tomthetrader: 860 has been solid
tomthetrader: seems that buying puts was EASY MONEY ...which means there is probably more to come
tomthetrader: we are up over 20% on our Put options IWMMW and have a nice profit in just 1 ES Mini from 872.50 cash
tomthetrader: 9-5 negative A/D line
tomthetrader: OIL Rolling over ...GOLD is PEAKING getting over bought
tomthetrader: may want to short the GOLD positions soon ?
tomthetrader: 863.50 stop cover your ES at 863.50 cash
(10:45 AM) bogdan07: what is short etf for gold ,anybody know ?
tomthetrader: DZZ
tomthetrader: ?
(10:45 AM) bogdan07: thx
tomthetrader: Sold a few more at 3.61 IWMMW
tomthetrader: from 3.15
tomthetrader: some good profits
tomthetrader: sold 863.00 cash our short position on ES
tomthetrader: about $500 profit on ES short
tomthetrader: and we should make 2-3K on our puts
(10:48 AM) RetteTen4: nice trading wd
tomthetrader: Thank you
tomthetrader: BPT TAN HYB doing well move stops up
tomthetrader: Everyone OK out there
tomthetrader: pretty quiet week
tomthetrader: hopefully we will get back to "full -time" soon
tomthetrader: Lots just trading part time and many on Holiday til 2009
tomthetrader: again we are sticking to the 1-3% correction scenario
tomthetrader: as 860 keeps holding up
tomthetrader: LOD
tomthetrader: AVG price on IWM puts 3.15 and sold some at 3.61 and now at 3.65-3.70 trying to pare off with nice profits
tomthetrader: should get 3K profit here locked
tomthetrader: VIX really getting a bounce here
tomthetrader: over 5%
tomthetrader: LOD
tomthetrader: 2% off NAZ
tomthetrader: we sold a few more at 3.72
tomthetrader: IWMMW
tomthetrader: stop 3.65
(11:20 AM) RetteTen4: Ty
(11:20 AM) RetteTen4: ty very kind of u
tomthetrader: Thank you
tomthetrader: we have a nice group here
tomthetrader: and they will do anything to help !
tomthetrader: Please welcome Retteten4 !
tomthetrader: Thank you
(11:21 AM) RetteTen4: yeah sure looks like u have a nice group in here...ty for the welcome
tomthetrader: Yes it is Holiday time here
tomthetrader: But we will be more active soon
tomthetrader: Hopefully everyone can pop out and say HI
tomthetrader: Right Guys and gals !
(11:22 AM) RetteTen4: lol Tom
tomthetrader: You are from S.Africa ?
(11:23 AM) RetteTen4: yeah...been living here since I was a year old
tomthetrader: We have a international flavor here
tomthetrader: From Poland to Thailand to Texas !
(11:24 AM) RetteTen4: Most don't know where SA is...but I am in Cape Town....real beautiful city though
tomthetrader: I can imagine ...I have gotten my dose of Planet earth on Discovery HD this season !
tomthetrader: So I have seen the beauty of your area !
(11:25 AM) Bert_TTT: audio ok
(11:25 AM) RetteTen4: yeah me also learning about diff nice to meet people from diff countries
(11:25 AM) RetteTen4: audio is good
tomthetrader: Thank you
(11:26 AM) JR Roden: Welcome from sunny Ohio where it's about 45 degrees today.
tomthetrader: We are a bit sluggish here after holidays
(11:27 AM) RetteTen4: 20 C here....summer time..although always rains near New Year
tomthetrader: very strange year as we have flooding like Spring in our midwest
tomthetrader: thunderstorms and tornadoes !
tomthetrader: What do you like to trade and do you trade other markets ?
tomthetrader: currencies futures and other bourses /
tomthetrader: DAX ?
(11:29 AM) RetteTen4: who Tom?
tomthetrader: Commodities /
tomthetrader: You
(11:29 AM) RetteTen4: oh sorry
tomthetrader: No one else is talking to me today !
(11:30 AM) RetteTen4: don't start me off
(11:30 AM) bogdan07: welcome from CHICAGO,place of 2016 olimpic game 0 deg celcius,32 f
(11:30 AM) RetteTen4: I jabber alot lol
tomthetrader: They must have gotten Coal for Christmas ?
(11:30 AM) RetteTen4: I trade the JSE top 40
tomthetrader: YEAH BOG DAN
(11:30 AM) RetteTen4: Johannesburg exchange and then I started to trade the UK and ur market
(11:30 AM) RetteTen4: es and ym and then dax and cac
tomthetrader: Great
tomthetrader: I have several members who just trade FTSE
(11:31 AM) RetteTen4: shares....I just buy and hold..but from Jan I sold all
tomthetrader: Great
(11:31 AM) RetteTen4: I tried the ftse
tomthetrader: You must get a lot of info data for your trading !
(11:31 AM) RetteTen4: but dang it is slow
(11:31 AM) RetteTen4: I used to pay a lot for data
tomthetrader: Yes ...our market was a wild one and may get back to that soon !
(11:31 AM) RetteTen4: but closed it all and now use Metra Trade 4 for free
tomthetrader: We supply about all you need here
tomthetrader: Get that guys
tomthetrader: Metra tRADE 4
tomthetrader: our Traders may learn a few things from you !
tomthetrader: It is good to get a international view
(11:33 AM) RetteTen4: I went to odl free for 2 weeks...with sp...dow dax and cac..after two weeks just register for another two weeks
(11:33 AM) RetteTen4: and if u want shares from US...I like to watch Walmart.....don't ask me why..just like to watch the share price lol
tomthetrader: Great ...Thank you
(11:33 AM) RetteTen4: and VT Trader2 is free
(11:34 AM) RetteTen4: with equities
tomthetrader: WMT is doing well amazing American now international story !
(11:34 AM) RetteTen4: yeah lol
tomthetrader: Market wants to hold these 860 cash SPX levels
(11:35 AM) RetteTen4: people laugh when I tell them I like to watch walmart...suppose is an indication of how the economy is doing
tomthetrader: What has the S.African market done this year ? Yes WMT is now the ECONOMY !
(11:35 AM) RetteTen4: we just follow the US lol
(11:35 AM) RetteTen4: makes our market very choppy though
(11:36 AM) RetteTen4: but then again the returns are better too
tomthetrader: I use the SPX cash for triggers on all trades as it isthe most accurate and liquid so it will be off from the futures ...we just manually adjust
(11:36 AM) RetteTen4: when my friends made a study of the returns with ftse...dax...cac and dow and our market the TOp 40
(11:36 AM) RetteTen4: top40 came out tops....cos it has huge moves
tomthetrader: Yes ..seems like the US leads a lot of markets and when we stop spending like now hurts !
(11:37 AM) RetteTen4: I will send u that study
(11:37 AM) RetteTen4: via email
tomthetrader: Thank you
(11:37 AM) RetteTen4: I found the ftse give must lower returns with day trading
tomthetrader: yes ..please send any info and we pass along to our members for decision making
(11:38 AM) RetteTen4: with pleasure
tomthetrader: Yes ...our TF futures are the most Volatile the Russell
tomthetrader: used to be ER2
tomthetrader: now TF
tomthetrader: NQ and TF but the action in TF at times is gut wrenching
(11:39 AM) RetteTen4: have not looked at it
(11:39 AM) RetteTen4: want to soon do forex....kinda scared of forex still
tomthetrader: If we start a new Bull it is the place to be !
tomthetrader: we have gone from 375 -475 quickly with $100 per point
tomthetrader: so a pretty good move
tomthetrader: Our Traders had longs all the way up ...(not )
tomthetrader: we all had some longs on that rally though !
tomthetrader: Lot of resistance at 500 TF
tomthetrader: 3.72 we sold 10 more IWMMW
tomthetrader: 30 remain stop 3.65
tomthetrader: from 3.15 Guranteeing a 3K profit
tomthetrader: We will take another short position with a tight stop here Cash SPX trigger 862.50 stop 865.00 cash 1 unit
tomthetrader: we will sell our remaining IWMMW at ask 3.80 and stop 3.70 now
tomthetrader: so we will exit our puts here in between 3.75 -3.80 ...I have a order to sell at 3.80 and also a stop at 3.70 and will manually sell by noon
(11:53 AM) RetteTen4: Tom 7pm here...just gonna eat dinner...then I will email u the info ...I will be back later
(11:54 AM) RetteTen4: dang I must first find it on my pc...thanx for welcome and will be back later
tomthetrader: Thank you and welcome to TTT !
tomthetrader: Hopefully our members will be more cordial later today ! They all are sufferring from too much Holiday spirit !
(11:56 AM) ctmhou: A/D : 977-2007
(11:57 AM) ctmhou: That's not good.
tomthetrader: Hi Craig
tomthetrader: Our Group was not very kind to a new international member ..I am a bit disappointed ?
tomthetrader: Again our stop to cover our 1 short is 865.00
tomthetrader: we have sold all put options up large today
(12:03 PM) ctmhou: Who's the new International member?
tomthetrader: Rette Ten 4
tomthetrader: from S. Africa formerly Germany ...very good asset
tomthetrader: passed along a couple great sites
(12:08 PM) ctmhou: Well, great to have you here Rette Ten 4.
tomthetrader: I guess we have turned into a slow site ?
tomthetrader: Maybe 09 will kick us into gear
tomthetrader: maybe everyone is out ?
tomthetrader: maybe everyone can't type ?
(12:08 PM) ctmhou: My computer is going crazy on me today..................running very slow.
(12:11 PM) aszags: Tom I have been busy and away from the computer this am. I sold some longs this am with the opening pop and have some covered and naked calls. The last full buy signal never fulfilled its usual potential
tomthetrader: You are right
(12:12 PM) aszags: What are you anticipating now?
tomthetrader: Just the minimal VIX and low volume / holidays has influenced it
tomthetrader: I just think we need a shakeout of new bulls
tomthetrader: a REAL scare and soon
tomthetrader: Wednesday is a seasonal UP day and the New Year should be full of new cash
tomthetrader: But you know ...we will short the market if needed
(12:14 PM) ctmhou: Oil sure has fallen off since overnight...........
tomthetrader: QLD has hurt our performance the most ...but we have been saved in the main fund by my stock picking and in traders with our options trades
tomthetrader: OIL cannot hold up no matter what
tomthetrader: OPEC HAMAS
tomthetrader: if that doesn't boost oil ?
(12:18 PM) thomas_Poland: For the record, the last time the ISEE equity call to put ratio was over 200 in a single session was back in the middle of May. At that time, the markets were just in the process of putting in a post-March top.
(12:19 PM) thomas_Poland: from Vix and more
tomthetrader: very good site ...did you start following from my recommendation ?
tomthetrader: or were you a regular /
tomthetrader: Luby is a good technician
tomthetrader: 1-2-3 top in ES futures this a.m.
(12:22 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom I have it in my bookmarks for about a year
(12:22 PM) thomas_Poland:
(12:22 PM) thomas_Poland: What is 1,2,3 top ?
(12:23 PM) thomas_Poland: I know 1,2,3 top as defined by Sperandeo
(12:24 PM) thomas_Poland: yes Luby is good with VIX stuff .. he has a paid newsletter also .. we spoke about it before
(12:24 PM) thomas_Poland: but not sure how good he is outside of VIX ... but I guess he is good
(12:25 PM) thomas_Poland: I just got back to my comp .. anything interesting happend?
(12:28 PM) thomas_Poland: anyone here?
tomthetrader: slow
(12:29 PM) thomas_Poland: TF new lows
(12:29 PM) thomas_Poland: YM soon
tomthetrader: yes
(12:29 PM) thomas_Poland: than NQ and ES?
(12:29 PM) ctmhou: Trying to renew my boat registration.
(12:29 PM) thomas_Poland: If ES and YM hold maybe TF will have goood move up ??
(12:29 PM) ctmhou: S1 on ES is 859.08
(12:30 PM) thomas_Poland: but it looks like we will make another LOD
(12:32 PM) thomas_Poland: 457 TF bottom today?
tomthetrader: sure looks like the market wants to force any longs to reconsider
tomthetrader: move stops to cover to 863.00
tomthetrader: cash
tomthetrader: stopped out of UYG and QLD in TRADERS
tomthetrader: just 5% short now after taking profits on longs and shorts
tomthetrader: some pretty nimble trading here
tomthetrader: and I really like the action
tomthetrader: stop at 863.00
tomthetrader: ZUPI has out performed all indices since Thanksgiving
tomthetrader: Nov. 20th seems to be considered the BOTTOM DAY
tomthetrader: I am wondering for the 1st time ?
tomthetrader: too many Bulls too fast ?
tomthetrader: keep moving stops to cover 1 ES short
tomthetrader: 862.00 stop

Making and taking profits !




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