Saturday, December 13, 2008


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I am now TTT HEDGE FUND 2009 and this is my annual Christmas Card to you ! The year has been brutal but somehow we have survived and many of us have even thrived trading under the most treacherous backdrop in US history. I certainly think the worst is over and best is yet to come. No matter what you view is I am positive my service is worth every penny as you get some of the greatest market timing stock picking and informational/educational services out there.

One of our proudest achievements as TTT members has been the social networking environment we have created reaching hundreds with the real facts on investing / trading now and in the years ahead. We have taken advantage of breakthrough technology and still kept our signals and indicators as simple as ever with a 94% success rate on TTT Buy signals.

My #1 Goal for 2009 is to communicate with you better and use the power of the internet to have webinars and podcasts to keep you informed. Knowledge is the key to success and I feel we bring you the best 24/7.

So please take the time to RENEW and if you do accidentally get "bumped" please contact me immediately and I will be sure to get your e-mail correct and information to you! We ended the week on a great note and I am quite sure it will continue higher than all of us think so let's stick together and make some nice profits as we are all lucky to be able to invest and all grateful to live in this wonderful country / world where we have the opportunity to really prosper using my trading / investing strategies.

I hope this message fins you healthy and full of family this Holiday Season and I wish for all of your dreams and goals to be realized in a more prosperous 2009 ! For those who will not renew I thank you for trying my service and will do anything to keep you. For those who paid in advance many weeks months ago you help keep this together and you are very kind special individuals who deserve the best and I honestly try to give it to you every waking day !

Again Happy Holidays and if you can please renew today !

E-mail Subscribers : $125 fro 2009 PayPal to

Traders ( Our daily live chat ) $499 Pay Pal to

Remember to use our tool and you can log in under User :
Password : tomandprisha anytime and see our updated portfolios that are there for you ! And as usual I will e-mail all the moves , ideas and services that we have become well known for. So tell a friend , co-worker about us and please have a safe and memorable holiday from my family to you !

Very Sincerely Yours ,

The Malone Family
Tom Prisha Ryne and Nolan

TTT HEDGE FUND 2009 is here !

Our special year end reports and predictions and top 50 stocks and 20 to short will be ready January 1st !

Investing Made Easy !!!

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