Sunday, December 7, 2008


The next two weeks are the peak of 2 seasons...Tax loss selling and a seasonal downturn in Semis.

This year may be different but I am on the defensive after this complex bottoming process has netted us 300K .

So after some backing and filling from 900 back to 840.00 to 825 we will be off to the races until the inauguration then guess what ? back here again !

You can make a lot of easy monet in a high vix environment on both sides.

Come join me for the rest of the year

just payPal %125 for 08 and 2009 and see what real customer service is and our members are the most loyal on the net.

Our TTT Buy signal is hitting 94.8 % for 2008 ...if you would just buy on the simple signals and hold for 1-5 days you would be up over 1400%

Please give my service a try in 09 !


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