Tuesday, January 8, 2008

YEP !!!! IT'S A BEAR !!!!

We went into 2008 with the idea that the BULL had run it's course ...we did all we could to give it the "benefit" of the doubt !!! Now there is no doubt ..the BEAR is alive and well and from 8:00am this morning until now our Sec'y Paulson shiverred and shook his way through interviews but you could see in his face the party was over and more importantly the market had seen enough !!!!

The housing and consumer are finished and now how low will it go ...the good news is there will be a new Bull market borne out of this ..and it will be fun for the Bulls again ...

We are 30% long 20% short ...we covered 2 contracts of out shorts near the close.

Now the President and The Chairman have the ball ..Bush gets his stimilus package that will send everyone $400 and the FED will give us .50 BPS

Join us as we trade this market in 2008 !!!

You need to be a part of a group of traders who distribute a netowrk of services and experirnces to each other !!!

We are one of a kind !!!!

TTT Hedge Fund PayPal $125 to tomandprisha@msn.com

Join us today !!!

Why did Tin Knight Go long during the biggest drop of the year ...that was embarrassing ????

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