Monday, January 21, 2008


Yes we will CRASH tomorrow / today whenever you get to read this and there are certain precautions to take !!!!!

#1 Call you broker today ( if you have one ) Leave a message and tell him it is important need to speak with him immediately

#2 If you have open options or futures ...Put Options should be Sold in WAVES on the open to the end of the day

WE HAVE 100 Contracts of the SPY March PUTS ..we will sell 10 near the open at about 9:40 am EST then 10 every HOUR until we are closed out

#3 Sell Your stocks or let them get stopped out can be nimble and move your stops to the Expected open ...but make sure you adjust stops in all your positions

#4 START BUYING OR MOVING CASH FROM SAFE IRA ACCOUNTS INTO NO LOAD MUTUAL FUNDS This should be done in 10% increments with your retirement money ...this "mini-crash" is usually followed by a violent rally upwards...Please make sure you get positioned or HEDGED with at least 10% In the Money PUTS out 3 months and also with the new positions you add in 10% incrememnts.

#5 Remember Wall Street is out to KILL YOU !!!

You need to fend for yourself and take the offensive ..this fall will get us down to HISTORIC levels of pessimism and you will need to buy some long calls and in the money options with any Mad Money you have .

By Wednesday you should be at least 10% back into stocks and futures LONG

My view is this is the blowoff end of a bear that began in October ....we have to survive one-3 days of dreaded action and the bottom will be in

1250 Cash SPX is the last thing to stand between this being a bear market and a SUPER BEAR that could lop off 50% or more from the market ....Please adjust your portfolios TODAY so you can plan for the reaction ..the weaker the reaction the less you buy long .

Remember TTT Looks out for you 24/7

I am here via MSN Messenger and e-mail 24/7

Please contact me if you have any questions !!!!

Look for a FED rate Cut by 8:30 am but the market may still give back 500 points just do to foreign pressures



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