Thursday, December 13, 2007

WE ARE GOING TO 15,000 Please Join US !!!

You may not feel like buying my stocks and options or you may just like the pretty charts and colorful commentary by Tim Knight !!!!

But I would hate to have the Slope of hopes PORTFOLIO !!!!

For 6 years he has been getting killed and even with his readership higher than ever all want to see a BEAR !!!

TTT HEDGE FUND 2008 doesn't speak to much about anything other than winning ...we have been picking on Tim Knight and his blog for a while but just because we have some of the same stocks ..he is short ...I am LONG ..I am calling for new highs ..he is calling for the end of the US economy.

I like my members and they like making money ..especially LONG

ONLY 8 DAYS UNTIL THE PRICE INCREASE !!!!! You can still get 24/7 TTT for $125 !!!

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