Saturday, December 29, 2007


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FLASH FLASH FLASH Please read as the market is about to embark on a amazing week in which most of your investment dollars can be put to work !!!!

Please read our blog and look at the charts you follow and look at the AAII investors who all think the market is going to tank and Mutual funds that have been sold off buy the public as over 60% feel we are in a recession now ....will the public be right for the 1st time in stock market history ????

Please take some 30 seconds to change the way you invest !!!!


We have seen a basic rush into the stocks that have performed well last year recently. You have seen on this blog the dozens of OPPORTUNITIES to get LONG and make money.

Why do you want to spend 2008 not beating Wall Street at it's own game. I have the experience but now I need you to come help me match last years performance !!!

We all know that the economy is rough but why is AAPL and POT and hundreds of other stocks we recommended hitting new highs this week ahead.

Better yet how can I tell you I have so many other times what is going to happen the next week ???

How can I tell my members what the market will end up at each day ????

Most services charge a arm and a leg for professional detailed info and well written recommendations and market timing advice ...I charge the lowest amount for the highest amount and have 100x the profits of the other sites and will answer you questions 24/7 !!!

We have a portfolio for
2 Model
3 Options
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No one else has the knowledge and experience to help speculators as well as conservative investors !!!

Plus I give you my personal outlooks daily and send out dozens of special reports.

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We have professional who join just to get the BUY and Sell signals ...that is all they want proprietary signals can be used by no others and it has been the source of literally millions of dollars in gains in a year when the stock market is nearly FLAT !!!!!

Our 3 picks last year whereas: NDAQ 29.00 - 50.00 QQQQ 35.00 -55.00 GS 175 -250

Just using these 3 vehicles would have made you rich let along the dozens of trades like INTC at 19 EMC at 10 and all the in and out trades on solars and ag plays ...MOS made us 25k in hours !!!!

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Beef up your portfolio and see why buying in a recession is the best investment a investor ever made ...all my trades are proven over and over again....

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