Saturday, December 1, 2007


The word is slowly getting out that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get all the news and data the pros get. Our TTT Hedge fund does not advertise other than word of mouth and this Blog !!!

We reached our highest membership and readership on Friday and we are looking for more investors who want to double their money safely!!!

Our strategy is simple quality stocks and then buy options and futures to leverage up in good times and cut back in bad...we hit the two corrections at the bottom and rode them up for phenomenal gains...we have picked over 222 stocks in 5 years and only 2 are DOWN !!!!

Don't you want to put the odds in your favor . here is what you get for our SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICE !!!!

Our Premium $249 annual membership is now 50% off

$125.00 Pay Pal to : GETS YOU :

All of 07-08 and not a bill to Jan 2009 !!!!

This will only last til Christmas so join now !!!

Chat 9-4:30 daily IM MSN MESSENGER

IRA portfolio
Model portfolio
Options portfolio
Futures Portfolio

Plus all the free services that I get as a former broker for 30 years...many freinds in the business and lots of educational tools everyday.

10-14 e-mails a day !!!

Market timing by the best and hottest hand on the net ....all for pennies a day !!!

Just one trade will make your fee back and it is tax deductible !!! so join now !!!

Here is what my members say !!!!

"Tom...You are a genius ..I never thought it could happen to me but the JEC calls and AAPL calls were so perfectly executed ..I feel bad I didn't do more work !!! 20k in 3 sessions ...I am going to like this service !!!"

Tim Oakland CA

Why not give me a shot ..I have my portfolio out there but we will be trimming back soon for a buying opportunity so please take the time and buy now before the FED eases ...and we get our 15k sooner than most think !!!



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