Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Great bounce back for the Bulls today and if you join now you will beat the price increase !!!

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You can tell the Bears are losing their confidence ...Listen to Perma Bear Tim Knight describe the RUT and it's possible comeback.

Below is from Tim Knight's Slope Of Hope Blog Site:

" the all-important IWM. I'm comfortable with today's move up. As long as we stay below $76, I'm OK with it. Moving above that would be a different story. But what's got to happen - - and I know I've said this a hundred times, but it's true - - is a break below $73. Until then, we're just screwin' around.

I was disturbed to see the RSI dip beneath its lower line, since I thought the selling had exhausted itself. But as you can see from the other tinted portions, similar action in the past hasn't been bad news for the bears.

Over the past few weeks, we have simply been in a series of long slides followed by quick recoveries. I am hoping the current lift is just another temporary recovery. The more we bounce off $73, the more difficult it is going to be to penetrate. Because it just becomes a more and more comfortable wall of assurance for buyers to jump in. Do this too long, and it will become almost impenetrable."

We got LONGER today but lost GS to a stop at $200

We did pick up 100's of short term options and will play them out and our futures trades by years end.

With TTT you get it all and just a few days left until the price goes back to $249 yearly...

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