Monday, December 24, 2007

OH MY !!!!!!! Lions and Tigers BUT NO BEARS

Hi <

Very Short today !!!!

Our TTT HEDGE FUND USING OUR AGGRESSIVE BUT RISK-TOLERANT approach was up until Christmas Day some %3929.

Yes TTT Members if they would have traded every trade and made every move would have been up almost 4000% !!!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Please give us a shot !!!

You know that we can do it again in 2008 so please join us ....

NDAQ Made it's gallant run to 50.00 !!!!! From 29.00

QQQQ made it to 55.00 just as predicted 1 year ago and we sold !!!!

You do not get a better MICRO or Macro view !!!!



PayPal $125.00 until December 31st midnight

Then $249.95 beginning January 1st !!!!

Thank you so much ..even the people who wrote nasty comments I truly believe you love the markets and want to beat wall Street ..and that is why we are here !!!!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday season ...

TTT Hedge Fund YTD %4000 up !!!!

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