Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Good Day and Happy Holidays to all of you investors and speculators who have been visiting my blog for the last year !!!

Undoubtedly you have wanted to see how the most talked about trader is handling the "tough" market conditions in which the average mutual fund is DOWN on the year dollar weighted and bonds have got you nowhere.

My unique strategies are trying to capitalize on technolgy and low commissions by taking SAFE trades and stocks and use my 31 years of market timing to get tremendous results.

I had Three Predictions on 2007

#1 was that QQQQ would hit 55.00 DONE !!!!!

#2 was that GS Goldman Sachs would hit 250.00 DONE !!!!

#3 was that NDAQ would hit 50.00 DONE !!!!

Just with these 2 calls you could have made a fortune !!!!!!

Let alone DE MOS AAPL FWLT JEC RIG all up 100% or more and 1000's of % with options and Futures on the right side of all the corrections upt to 10% and dips of 3% and less !!!

Try to make 2008 the year that you doubled your money !!!!

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NOTE: The market opened lower, popped, then went
to our second support level and turned up. The
bounce from 1499.25 to 1504.50 was sloppy, and lead
to a dip down to 1501.50 on the ES. It rallied to
initial resistance at 1:55 pm and pulled back 2.75
points. VERY thin trading conditions had kept many
traders on the sidelines after nabbing a few points.

The market made a low in the first hour, and high in
the last 30 minutes; a bullish pattern. It also sets
up a potential trade in the morning that could cover
the yearly subscription price.

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