Friday, December 21, 2007


I really want to thank the Bears at Tim Knight's SLOPE OF HOPE for such a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON. Without the shorting and put buying and whining about recession etc...we would have never gotten this nice 600 point rally off the bottom or the 200 points today + that really put the icing on the cake as the TTT HEDGE FUND SOLD ALL OF ITS OPTIONS POSITIONS and part of the futures IRA and model portfolio at the highs !!!!!

You have read our blog and have seen our members all year clean up and even they are stunned at the accuracy of my market timing calls. I cannot promise it will continue but with a system like I have developed and no one else can use ...why not give me a try before the rates go to $249 per year next week !!!

Right now during our Holiday special we are giving you the best package of all

Our Futures Portfolio
Our Options Portfolio
Our Model Portfolio
Our IRA Portfolio

Plus our now famous chat where thousands of profits ahve been made just today !!!!

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Finally we are now distributing our famous top 50 stocks for 2008 and top 20 stocks to short

Also some highlights of 2007 !!!

Just PayPal $125 to : and your membership is activated and you'll receive all the goodies and can cancel with PayPal anytime !!!

Money back guarantee and you are able to write off the service on your 2007 taxes !!!

Please join us today and after being up over 4000% in 2007 ....why do you look for5 another service ....can we do it in 2008 ????

Yes as we are BUYING VIX CALLS and getting short some high flyers we may see a BEAR in our FUTURE ????



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