Monday, May 14, 2007


When in doubt ...DAYTRADE !!!! We have been fighting the tape and the indicators so we decided we had to short the FXI after the shortcovering rally on Friday and we sold today for a quick $1200.00 profit ...also we knew 1500 SPX was a big juncture and we placed a risky bet on SPX May Puts 1500 and got $4,000.00 profit in less that 3 hours !!!

NOK one of our latest editions did well today in a down market as well as it's CALLS !!!

Now is the time to join ....we are in the zone on this market and for .20 cents a day ...why go without the experience and stockpicking I can give you !!!

I am only accepting memberships until June 7th and you need to see what it is like to get the daily data and complete service for such a small cost. We are now 70% long stocks and options and 30% Cash and short positions that only members get on a daily basis !!!!

PayPal $75 to

100% money back guarantee and a free trial for 5 sessions to those who have been wanting to join but think it is too good to be true ...IT IS !!!! We have more than 10X our money and plan to double our $230,000.00 starting today !!!!

Join and see our portfolio and select earnings plays and we give you more professional information than a pro gets if you like to trade and want to be on the right side JOIN TODAY !!!!


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