Wednesday, May 2, 2007


For those loyal readers who pepper my e-mail with Perma-Bull notes ...take heart ...the TTT HEDGE FUND ( mentioned in todays CBS Marketwatch Blog section !!!) Has sold all stocks except ZTR and gone into cash and PUTS !!!!

What in the world in the TTTHEDGE FUND DOING !!!! After over 10 folding (21k to 220K) their money in 10 months they are for the 1st time ever in cash and puts with a dividend play kicker !!!

You will have to join to find out why !!!!

For $75 for the 07 year you will get 24/7 service and will be able to learn how totrade with me via IM or e-mail or on the phone

Most important is JOIN now while we are making the transition so you can be on the right side like we have neen for 10Months. Our anniversary is June 7th ...and we will keep the $75 price until then and then close membership as our members deserve more of my time .

You have just over 30 days to join!!!!

For just under a quarter a day you get the best in research stocks options timing and experience.

Why sell when the market is breaking out to new HIGHS !!!!!!

"The market is just getting going !"

Just check back here and join to get our SPECIAL REPORT !!!

"How to Spot an Intermediate Top"

This is worth the $75 alone but it is free with your premium membership .

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