Friday, May 4, 2007


Armed with another "new" portfolio the TTT HEDGE FUND is wrapping up its first year with a $200,000 profit !!! We just wanted to let you know that it is just starting !!! The world is awash with money and the US is the last undervalued market selling at about 18x earnings. All of the money we have been putting in overseas funds will come flying back here by Fall and a spectacular summer and fall rally will carry our stocks to more record levels.

We are in the final 30 days and then we will be closed for new membership so I can spend more time with my memebrs...Now is the time to get invested in the markets and with the TTT HEDGE FUND.

For just $75 you get premium access to the best stockpicking options , and timing in the world !!! Our picks have been featured on CBS Marketwatch and as we are showing the world what hard work and great stocks can do. Just in stocks our annualized rate of return was 70% for April and add in our options trades and dividend payments have yourself one sound SKYROCKETING PORTFOLIO.

PayPal $75 to :

1 week trials are available on a limited basis until Memorial Day so get in on what the others are loving ..making money in a historic BULL MARKET.

Have a great Weekend

Our stock of the week was Nabors Ind. NBR

Join us to see what next week brings !!!!


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