Thursday, May 10, 2007


"NDX May 1875 Puts, Sold for a very nice ~900 profit. Scary day yesterday when it was -1800. Great call on that on Tom, just needed a little faith in the bears." ThanksMike

With the HEDGE FUND philosophy ...the TTT HEDGE FUND can make money in all markets we had some nice put plays today and a stockthat refuses to go down !!!

Our NDX option was killed just yesterday but came back to make some nice money to buy calls on our next run up !!!

Our Members love the 24/7 attention and ability to play both sides of the market ...and the stock picks ....

NGS up 10% since we recommended Tuesday !!!

Join today and get the calls that will make you money in both up and down markets...everyone wants to see the fall tomorrow ...will it come ???

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