Wednesday, May 16, 2007


No one is happy ..they didn't get the correction..all the "doji shooting stars" and ultimate tops were suppose to be in place ???? So what happened had to be those options expirations guys !!!

Well our portfolio was :

TSM Options

and 20% Cash for the correction after everyone else covers their shorts !!!

WE have been the biggest beneficiary of this 5 year old BULL MARKET AND NO ONE IS HAPPY !!!

My theory is the world would be a better place if it were not for PUTS

PUTS have ruined a huge Bull Market as guys like me have their members and relatives and freinds BUY puts to protect their investments in times like this parabolic worldwide rush of liquidity into the markets.

So what now ...gotta be time to buy puts !!! 135 was the limit in the DIA 1520 was the limit in SPY but the lowly RUT / IWM are back where they started from touching new highs !!!

You need a coach to get you on the right side ...someone to teach you how to get into and out of trades on a daily basis and more importantly you need the STOCK PICKS and OPTION PICKS and the TIMING !!!!

Join today for 24/7 service PayPal $75 to :

We guarantee you will make the $75 back in the 1st trade !!!

WE will double our money again by years end as this Bull may take a pause but my prediction of QQQQ at 50 by July 4th and GS at 250 will come true !!!

Join today and see how you can double your portfolio by Christmas and still sleep at night ...our philosophy of buying great stocks then being aggressive with calls to follow established trends has worked tremendously. $21,000.00 to nearly $250,000.00 today and we may just be getting this Bull into the final leg and with foreign money flooding into our cheap US stocks !!!! Another 25% in 07' is possible

Please yourself a favor and at least take the free trial ...5 sessions and you will see our service is like no others much as you want from all reliable professional sources ...24/7 service with 10-20 e-mails a day updating market conditions and giving you the "EDGE"

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We will close membership on June 7th as the one year anniversary comes for TTT and the lucky folks who have joined by then will get my undivided attention with portfolio reviews and detailed research to get them a double for their families for Christmas !!!

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Best in trading ,


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