Friday, May 18, 2007


I have been riding the wave of this Bull Market going on 5 years and we having been right on a lot of corrections and always early it seems. So with our Fund that has gone nearly straight up with the market.

$21,000.00 - $231,219.91

I think it is time to give up on this BUll for the time being !!!

When I see the same exact things as I saw in August 1987 and hear that "Higher interest rates are helping the market" and " Home foreclosures will extend well into 2008" and " The Chinese government raises three key monetary rates" and "China to invest 3 Billion for US equities via BLACKSTONE" ....The WSJ headlines spell out the worst of the 80's all over ...MSFT BUYS AQNT for 70% premium ??

GE sell plastics division for 11bln
Wolf0witz resigns
FED looks at the risk banks have on LBO
Record gas prices
Paulson orders study on mistatements of earnings
A Street Pioneer Fears Blowup ( Goes on to say he helped cause the 87 crash)

Derivatives are so huge that people think they can HEDGE everything with no risk....ETF's can you sell on a down tick !!!!

Curbs in place ???

NYSE Malfunction in March ( still haven't found where those extra 200 points went !!!!)

I just have seen enough and if someone wants the last 1-2% ...take it ...I am going short and hope you will see our portfolio and what we are shorting !!!!

We have been firmly in the BULL camp for years and this is the 1st venture past 40% short we have had but we felt it was time ...anyone who has read this blog knows how well we have done and the unbelievable gains in stocks and options we turn to see if a correction hits or we go higher or a Bear market is stirring !!!!

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We will be looking forward to the Chinese reaction to the tightening and to the US reaction to another merger Monday !!!!

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Tom 24/7

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