Thursday, November 13, 2008


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For those of you that are in our Traders group you can testify that today I worked harder than I ever have on a BOTTOM and we followed the market down to the penny and then were able to again save our 5th consecutive TTT Buy signal. For those who are not aware a official buy signal is given once all of my 14 indicators reach a "Buy" is usually only given 8-10 times per year and in 2007 we had only 4 ! We have now 5 in 46 sessions !

Buy signal # 1 got 1000
Buy signal # 2 Got 700
Buy signal # 3 Got 450
Buy signal #4 Got 250
Buy signal # 5 Still on but min 700

Now that type of uncanny accuracy is unheard of and those who are new to TTT and sat through what was one of the most memorable days in my career.

I made a point to completely explain the BUY and all the risks this time around as it was in a place where I knew we would blow out stops go lower than previous lows then rally to end on HOD.

Which we did !

I have never worked so hard to find a bottom and push short down and long up in my professional career and I am hoping this will reinvigorate our Traders group and welcome some new TRADERS in.

I know we have a bunch of you on a waiting list to get in ...and now is your chance !

Again ..please contact me to get you in the most fascinating experience in all of Trading

The TTT Traders Group ! Let me know if you would like to join.

Now the market has made it's move what is next ...all of you members get the most data/ info and market timing data than the pros and many of us are now becoming so much better at handling this CRAZY high VIX environment.

Please take the time to look over you e-mails and see that we are OK and we are doing better.

The patient is off the death bed and looking for a new lease on life...can it be a new BULL ?

We will be the first ones to say we do not know but also the 1st to say we were the 1st to BUY !

Thanks for your support !

Main Fund 40% long 60% cash Traders 60% Long 40% cash

Traders still has a lot of underwater positions and the Main Fund has performed well this year up 19% in a down year !

We will update more tonight but for now a precisionly timed execution of a classic key reversal day that may go down in history !

I am extremely pleased tonight !


Investing Made Easy !!!

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